Genoa Baptist Church was formed 20 years ago and met in a member's home.

Genoa Baptist Church was formed 20 years ago and met in a member's home.

Today, the 1,400 members meet in a 50,000-square-foot facility at 7562 Lewis Center Road, near state Route 3.

The church is ready to expand again, having received almost unanimous support from church members on a plan to do so, Frank Carl, senior pastor, told ThisWeek.

The church, which owns about 80 acres, is seeking approval of its plan from Genoa Township. The township's zoning commission held a hearing April 18 on the expansion, which would double the facility's size.

Having asked for more details on the project, the commission tabled the application until July 11.

The church will submit its plans to the township by June 16.

The expansion would serve the church's growing membership and allow increasing participation in the worship services; the private school, Genoa Christian Academy; and activities including faith-based sporting opportunities in basketball and soccer.

"We're expanding our worship facility to take the seating in the auditorium to 1,600. It's about 1,150 now," Carl said.

The renovations include a complete gymnasium, a children's stage, an area for younger children, a common court area for dinners and fellowship, and additional parking.

The renovations include a lot of windows, making the building "inviting," Carl said.

The plan also includes a new facade on the front of the building and landscaping, Greg Rogers, executive pastor, told township zoning commission members April 18.

Rogers said the renovation schedule would depend on the church's fundraising. He said designing the project would take six months and construction would take about 18 months.

"Genoa Township is an incredible place to do ministry. We live in a community where people are faith-oriented and there is a demand and need for churches to continually reach out," Carl said.

The commission asked for more details on the plans including: a traffic study and impact on adjoining roads; a lighting plan; impact of the increased size of the parking lot on stormwater run off; approval of the changes by the township fire department; detail on where the church's 32-passenger bus, four 15-passenger vans and two maintenance trucks would be stored; impact on existing trees; architectural detail and identifying materials on the plan; and the timeframe of the expansion.