Liberty Township residents soon will receive a notice about discounted rates for curbside recycling.

Liberty Township residents soon will receive a notice about discounted rates for curbside recycling.

Rumpke waste and recycling company will decrease its monthly recycling rate from $8 to $4, said township administrator Dave Anderson.

The special price is offered to Rumpke customers because the township received a $15,000 grant from the Delaware, Knox, Marion, Morrow Solid Waste Management District (DKMM) to purchase 18-gallon recycling bins for residents. Rumpke will receive the bins.

Anderson said the announcements were to be mailed to Rumpke customers the week of April 25.

Several trash haulers operate in the township; township officials said they don't know who the others are. Only Rumpke customers will get the discount. At least 80 percent of township residents use Rumpke, Anderson estimated.

With the grant, the township will buy 2,566 bins that Rumpke will deliver to its township customers who sign up for curbside recycling.

Anderson said the grant requires Rumpke to lower the recycling rates for two years.

DKMM offers such grants in an effort to decrease costs associated with its recycling drop-off sites, said Larry Cooper, district director, when he brought the idea to township trustees in January.

Liberty received the grant in March.

Cooper said the two community recycling sites, at Olentangy Liberty High School and Wyandot Run Elementary School, still will be available. The hope is that more residents will use curbside recycling services to help reduce the cost of emptying the bins at the drop-off sites.

Those containers are emptied every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Cooper has said. Service to those sites annually costs DKMM $45,385 for the high school site and $43,159 for the elementary school site.

DKMM budgets $500,000 per year for its community drop-off service.

Rumpke also has given the township a discount for trash pickup at township government facilities.

Trustees approved a trash-hauling contract with Rumpke on April 18.

The new cost is $2,412 per year. Previously, the township paid $6,971 annually, Anderson said.