The current slow economy doesn't worry Powell resident R.J. Lowery, who has started his own business, Your Expert Image.

The current slow economy doesn't worry Powell resident R.J. Lowery, who has started his own business, Your Expert Image.

Lowery said he hung up his hat as an executive clothier after having his "best year ever." His goal is to help businesses excel in this tough economy. He is a business coach and motivational speaker.

"After 20 years in corporate America with the same company, I felt an urging to go out on my own," Lowery said. "I turned 45 last year and I see that as the halfway point and it was time for me to do something different."

Lowery said he "chose not to participate in the recession" and had a "record-breaking year" in sales before moving on to self-employment.

He helps people achieve their business dreams and goals, he said.

"Whatever the person's industry or job is, I'm able to take my 25 years of sales management experience and help them go to that next level increasing their productivity, profitability, and their connections with people," Lowery said.

Among other things, Lowery offers private and group coaching sessions, helping people detail their goals and steps to achieving them.

"A lot of people are not really clear on their goals, so I help them become more definitive and specific as to what it is they want," Lowery said.

He also provides image consulting such as tips on dressing for business, dressing to attract success, and crafting and recrafting a professional wardrobe.

His office is at 1169 Dublin Road, Grandview, in the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau building.

Lowery said he was "humbled" when Kip Morse offered him office space at the Central Ohio BBB building. Morse is president and CEO of the bureau.

"I was going to utilize (Lowery) for my sales team for motivational training, and when he gave me the heads up that he was (starting his own business), I thought it could be a win-win because he would be bringing business owners into the Better Business Bureau," Morse said. "(And) we'd be able to utilize his services for our accredited businesses, such as for a networking event."

Morse said he plans business seminars, including Lowery's motivational and sales talent, in exchange for the office space.

"We had the space available and we told him he could use it and in exchange for that, we would work on some presentations for our staff," Morse said, noting they later would evaluate a more "systematic" arrangement of paying rent or sharing services.

Lowery is grateful for the opportunity. "The saving of the money (for office space), I'm humbled and honored that Kip would offer that to me," Lowery said. "For a person starting their own business, it's a blessing for him to offer that.

"It's 200 yards from my last office so my car can go there on autopilot," he said. "Also, my biggest propensity of potential clients is the Arena District and the Arlington and the Ohio State (University) area. And (the BBB) is getting a top-notch speaker and seminar leader to give value to their accredited businesses."

Lowery said in general, group sessions cost $500 for two two-and-a-half hour sessions.

For more information, visit,, or call (888) 404-3468.