Village Academy, a preschool through 12th grade private school in Powell, opened its new preschool building this month.

Village Academy, a preschool through 12th grade private school in Powell, opened its new preschool building this month.

Griffin Hall, the new 8,800-square-foot, two-story building at 216 S. Liberty St., brings the academy’s preschool program to the main campus. Previously, the program was held in leased space at Wolf Commerce Park.

“Having the wee ones at the same campus allows our entire school community to grow and develop in one place,” said Susan Lasley, head of school. “The faculty, students, staff and families are very excited by the opportunities ahead.”

“We’ve always been one school and now we’re on one campus,” said Heidi Hughes, administrator of the pre-school program. “We can also benefit from using the facilities on the main campus, the tennis courts, arts conservatory and specialized teachers, such as teachers of foreign language, performing arts, art and music, and we’re able to walk across the street to the (city) park and participate in the concerts and picnics.”

“Bringing the pre-kindergarten students to the main campus will foster their continued development, as well as the growth of the school,” Lasley said.

The $1.7-million addition includes nine classrooms, a dining room, a media center, a small kitchen and offices.

“The facility has beautiful windows with beautiful views,” Hughes said. “It is very bright, light and inviting and has a very comfortable feel to it. We want a child to feel secure, safe and comfortable and have an exciting work space.”

Each room has something special, Hughes said, but she especially likes the science and art room.

“(It’s a) room where we can do really messy projects,” Hughes said. “I’m an artist at heart, so I love to get messy in the art room and see kids being creative and expressive.”

A fenced-in playground connects to the back of the building.

“We have a new playground that is more challenging than the average playground,” Hughes said. “It works with the fine motor skills, such as balancing on toadstool-like platforms and maneuvering through hoops.”

The academy has full-time and part-time preschool and an extended care program. All are accepting new students.

“The children are very excited,” Hughes said. “We’ve been showing them the progress as the construction occurred.”

The project includes a parking lot with 36 spaces, separate from the main campus’ parking lot.

Stones from a house on the property — removed to make room for the parking lot — were used in Powell Cemetery in Liberty Street.

“The stone was used to rebuild some of the pillars at the small cemetery,” said Lasley. “One of our middle school classes had been working on a genealogy project with a local group restoring the cemetery led by (resident) Kent Bermingham, and the stone was perfect for their restoration work.”

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