While many workers are counting down the years toward retirement, life after work isn't for everyone.

While many workers are counting down the years toward retirement, life after work isn't for everyone.

When Norwich Township resident Jeanie Patrick retired after 43 years with an industrial distribution firm, she just couldn't sit still.

"I really don't do well with unstructured time," Patrick said. "I would wake up with the whole day ahead of me and I didn't know what to do with it."

The stars aligned when Patrick's cousin, John Falor of Orange Township, retired after 30 years in retail and a short stint selling real estate.

But retirement wasn't a home run for him, either.

"I didn't look forward to it," Falor said. "I was never much of a golfer."

"I think we both have driven personalities, so starting a business just made sense," he added.

The two had been scheming for years about potential opportunities. At holiday gatherings, they pitched ideas back and forth.

So just three months later, they were working out the details for Cuzzins Yogurt, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with a new location in Lewis Center.

The shop opened Aug. 16 at 8605 Columbus Pike in the Walmart shopping center. It's the chain's fourth location. The original Upper Arlington location opened in 2010.

Patrick worked with a designer to define the chain's bright, bubbly look, and her husband, an architect, helped design the layout of the first store.

Since then, business has boomed. The cousins opened their second location in Hilliard in October 2011, and the third near the Ohio State University campus in June.

Falor said the chain has been successful because it delivers a relatively guilt-free treat that still tastes great.

Frozen yogurt has fewer calories than ice cream, and it provides the same health benefits as regular yogurt, which is said to ease digestion.

Many of the Cuzzins flavors are non-fat, and the store always features a sugar-free and non-dairy option.

"The beauty of it is that it's healthier for you than ice cream, but it completely satisfies," Falor said. "If you're an ice-cream lover, you'll love frozen yogurt, and the kids don't know the difference."

The choices in the self-serve toppings bar range from granola and fresh fruit to sprinkles, Oreos and hot fudge.

Customers can try as many flavors as they want before buying, and the store offers a punch card that rewards customers who come in on rainy or snowy days with extra punches.

The cousins of Cuzzins Yogurt said they haven't even begun to contemplate a fifth location. For now, they're eager to get to know the Lewis Center community.

"We're a very family-friendly shop," Patrick said. "The more kids and families that come in and enjoy themselves, the better."