Just because he can't walk doesn't mean he won't.

Just because he can't walk doesn't mean he won't.

For Max Perrow, 6, and his mother, Heather, gaining the ability to walk is the goal. That's why they created a walking club called Max's Marathon Club.

Max, a student at Indian Trail Elementary School, was born with anthrogryposis, which causes problems with his joints and muscles and disables his ability to walk.

"The only thing he can't do is walk," Heather Perrow said.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, Canal Winchester residents meet with the Perrows -- Max, his mom, his dad, Michael, and his 8-month-old sister, Jane -- to walk one mile in their neighborhood near Winchester Crossing Boulevard.

"We started it for the health reasons," Heather said.

In January, Max's 75-year-old grandfather, Bob Perrow, had a heart attack. Afterward, he said, he realized he needed to start living a healthier life.

"It's really helpful," his grandfather said about his new exercise regime. "There's nothing like walking."

Since they started walking on April 8, the club has walked 112 miles; 39 different people participate on varying days, Heather said.

Max, usually quite bashful around strangers, is meeting more people through the walking club as well.

"It's getting him out of his shell a little bit," she said.

Max normally leads the walk in his wheelchair. By August, however, Max and his mother said they set a goal to have Max walk with the rest of the crew.

Through therapy, Max has been able to walk about 20 steps with a walker to do daily activities on his own without a wheelchair. But their goal is a bit more ambitious than 20 steps.

"The ultimate goal, yes, would be to walk the whole mile," his mom said. "But we don't care" if he doesn't make the whole mile.

Walking, even a little bit, is still a big step toward improvement, she said.