Pickerington's "road to nowhere" will remain that way until summer.

Pickerington's "road to nowhere" will remain that way until summer.

Crews for Beheler Excavating Inc. began work in October to extend Town Square Drive approximately 700 feet to connect it with Center Street in Olde Pickerington Village.

City officials hoped the project would be completed by November on Town Square Drive - known by some as the "road to nowhere." However, work was temporarily halted in early December.

"The contractor was about two days away from completing the roadway paving before cold weather stopped the project for the season," said Greg Bachman, Pickerington city engineer. "The extension will be completed by June 2010."

Pickerington City Council approved the $125,000 extension last August after tying it to a $1.1-million contract Beheler was executing to install a storm sewer in the area.
City officials had been trying to find a way to connect the two streets since Town Square Drive was built in 2000.

Previous efforts were thwarted because Bus Service Inc. operated a service garage on approximately 3.15 acres directly in Town Square Drive's path. The city purchased the Bus Service property for $309,000 in November 2003, but the cost of building a direct connection between Town Square Drive ad Center Street was estimated to at $7-million, which city officials deemed too expensive given budget constraints.

The Beheler contract would yield significant savings, city officials said, because the project could be completed concurrently with the sewer installation.

"The contractor did not proceed as quickly as he had hoped on the storm sewer project, so he didn't get to the area of the Town Square Drive roadway until late in the construction season," Bachman said.

He said the delay won't affect the cost. Pickerington still views the project as a positive one for the city, local businesses and motorists, he said.

"The extension will be open by June 2010," Bachman said. "The Town Square Drive extension will better disperse traffic through Olde Pickerington by providing another roadway route through downtown.

"It also could create commercial development opportunities and community gathering areas."