To the editor:

To the editor:

I had hoped the ongoing propensity for our U.S. president to break his pre-election promises to voters was not contagious. But the Pickerington school board has proved otherwise.

Despite a promise to carefully shepherd entrusted taxpayer dollars, the school district, once again, has sabotaged the goodwill of supporters with its recent school bus pact, rejecting the low bid under the guise of "continuity."

How the exact same bus drivers -- to whom we have entrusted the safe passage of our children -- would suddenly transform into drug users (because they have a different employer) is a total mystery to me.

Although I never thought I'd ever find myself agreeing with former Picktown mayor Lee Gray, he's right: $137,000 (the difference in bids) is $137,000. And yes, those dollars would have been better spent buying books and computers the schools will soon need.

Perhaps local voters will remember this careless misuse of their taxes when the school district comes calling for more dollars this November.

Jack Wittenmeier