I am writing to endorse Terre Vandervoort for Fairfield County prosecutor and John Bowman for Fairfield County clerk of courts.

To the editor:

I am writing to endorse Terre Vandervoort for Fairfield County prosecutor and John Bowman for Fairfield County clerk of courts.

Fairfield County needs the experience and leadership that Terre Vandervoort has demonstrated over her 20 years as prosecutor and elected official.

Terre Vandervoort has been before the board of commissioners on many contentious matters and has maintained a diplomatic demeanor and never accused other officials of wrongdoing simply because they opposed her or her position. Ms. Vandervoort has the support of law enforcement because of her tough stance as a prosecutor and because of her ability to lead her office and law enforcement through the ever-shifting issues our county is confronting. It is indeed Terre Vandervoort's criminal and legal experience that our county needs and it is without a doubt her leadership skills that we most desperately need.

As a friend and coworker for over 38 years, I know and trust John Bowman. As a firefighter and paramedic on the Lancaster Fire Department, John earned my trust and respect.

The voters of Fairfield County now have the opportunity to put John's honesty and work ethic at their disposal in the office of clerk of courts.

John Bowman's documented managerial skills coupled with his hands-on approach to seeing that a job is done right and done well is what we need in the clerk of court's office.

Please join me in voting for Terre Vandervoort and John Bowman for Fairfield County.

Mike Kiger
Fairfield County commissioner

Vandervoort backed by mayor

To the editor:

Terre Vandervoort is the best choice for Fairfield County prosecutor.

In the eight years that I have worked with her, she has always exhibited professionalism, leadership and diplomacy. She has tirelessly performed her duties as the city prosecutor, but has gone beyond that to identify problems and opportunities in the community. She serves as a trusted adviser and has the personal and professional skills to pull different groups together to solve problems.

While she has worked as city attorney and prosecutor, I have watched her tackle difficult problems and stand her ground until the problems were completely resolved. She often sees opportunities to improve the way the city works and then is able to pull the people together to explain the problem and work with them to put the right solution in place.

Qualified people are hard to find, but it is even harder to find someone who cares about the community, respects the opinions of others and yet never swerves from the requirements and duties of the job. She has shown by her actions that she is more than qualified to take these skills to the county level and serve the people of Fairfield County.

We will miss her, but for the good of Fairfield County, she needs to move forward and take her fair-minded focus to the Fairfield County prosecutor's office.

David S. Smith
Lancaster mayor