Hours after an automatic recount was declared, the challenger in the Fairfield County prosecutor's race conceded defeat.

Hours after an automatic recount was declared, the challenger in the Fairfield County prosecutor's race conceded defeat.

Gregg Marx, who was appointed county prosecutor in May 2011 after serving as the office's assistant prosecutor since 1982, presumably has been elected to the post after Terre Vandervoort waived her right to an automatic recount on Thursday, March 22.

On the morning of March 22, Fairfield County Board of Elections officials said the March 6 Republican primary election for county prosecutor was headed to an automatic recount after a check of provisional ballots in the race determined Marx had defeated Vandervoort by a count of 9,342 to 9,298 (50.12 percent to 49.88 percent).

The election was to be recounted because the margin of the final vote was less than 0.5 percent.

However, by 3 p.m. on March 22, Vandervoort confirmed she was conceding the race.

"I am waiving," she said. "I gave a letter to the board of elections that states that.

"(A recount) is a very costly process for the taxpayers … and secondly, I have confidence in the board (of elections) and its director (Susan Bloom) that the voters were handled properly."

Vandervoort, 47, said she intends to serve out her term as Lancaster's law director and city prosecutor after being re-elected to the office last November. She has been the city's law director and city prosecutor since 1996, after serving as Lancaster's assistant city prosecutor from 1992-96.

Because no Democrat or third-party candidates have filed to run for county prosecutor in November's general election, Marx, 56, appears set to serve the office for the next four years.

"Thank you to my supporters," Marx said in a press statement issued on March 22. "This has been a hard-fought campaign, and I'm pleased that our message of experience seemed to matter with voters.

"I look forward to continuing as prosecutor. My commitment is to continue reaching out across Fairfield County, to be tough on crime and to faithfully watch over hard-earned tax dollars.

"I am delighted with the support from the voters in this community. The support that I received from the people of the county during this campaign is extremely gratifying. Special thanks to my wife, Carol Marx, and the many members of my campaign committee. I would not have been successful without you. My staff and I will work hard for the next four years to continue to demonstrate to this community that the Fairfield County Prosecutor's Office is trying to keep them safe."

The March 22 official tally came after the board of elections' initial count of absentee and precinct votes had Marx winning the primary by 41 votes.

The March 22 final vote included 131 provisional ballots that had not been counted on election night.

According to results from the board of elections, 67 of those votes went to Marx, and Vandervoort received 64.

According to final results from the board of elections, Marx won the race by 44 votes.