Pickerington City Council will soon have a slot open up with the expected resignation of City Councilman Brian Sauer.

Pickerington City Council will soon have a slot open up with the expected resignation of City Councilman Brian Sauer.

Sauer announced he is leaving City Council in the near future because of a residency clause in the Pickerington City Charter.

"My wife and I sold our home and we're moving outside the city limits to Violet Township," Sauer said.

"Given the fact I'm no longer a resident of the city, as far as the charter (requires), I'm no longer meeting the qualifications to serve," he said.

Mayor Lee Gray read an official proclamation at the May 21 City Council commending Sauer for his service to the city.

"I thank Brian for his dedication, hard work and tireless efforts for our community," Gray said.

City Manager Bill Vance also chimed in, thanking Sauer for "supporting my arrival in 2010."

Sauer was elected to City Council in November 2007 and re-elected in 2011.

He serves as chairman of the City Council Rules Committee, and sits on the Parks and Recreation Board and Finance Committee.

Sauer said City Council still has yet to pass a resolution officially accepting his resignation, however, once that occurs it will have 60 days to interview and appoint his replacement.

He said should City Council fail to appoint someone to fill his seat, then it will fall to Mayor Gray to make the appointment, per stipulations in the City Charter.

May 21, Sauer told City Council "it's been an honor to serve the community. There have been some tough times, but I've enjoyed it."

Sauer said the tough times in his tenure included various budget issues council has had to endure.

He said one of his proudest accomplishments was making sure the city's annual Fourth of July celebration wasn't nixed because of budgetary constraints back in 2009.

"(Pickerington) partnered with Violet Township to split the cost so that celebration wasn't cancelled," Sauer said. "That worked out well."

He said he is also proud of the role he played in helping the city take more of a collaborative approach with neighboring entities.

"We needed to get past (conflict) and find ways to be more regional," Sauer said.

"Pickerington needed to be a good neighbor.

"City Council has done a heck of a job doing that," he said.

"Violet Township and Pickerington are on the same page now. We've come a long way in the last five or six years," he said.

Sauer said it was a coup for the city to secure Bill Vance as its City Manager during his tenure.

"He brought everything together," Sauer said.

"Without (Vance) it would be extremely difficult to do some of the things City Council wanted to do."

Sauer said the future of Pickerington, a city in which he was born and raised in, looks bright as long as both City Council and the city's staff continue down the right path.

"Keeping our taxes low, keeping our spending in check and setting goals that make sense," is the recipe for future success, he said.

"We've been focusing on economic development, maintaining our infrastructure and recruiting quality employees," Sauer said. "We've done a great job with all three."