Another Pickerington establishment is seeking to host live outdoor music this summer.

Another Pickerington establishment is seeking to host live outdoor music this summer.

June 11, representatives from The Wine Guy, 201 Clint Drive, went before the Pickerington Planning and Zoning Commission to seek to amend a conditional-use permit in order to have "amplified" music on its patio.

One of the conditions for The Wine Guys' original patio application back in 2010 was that no sound amplification equipment shall be audible at the property line.

The restaurant's outdoor patio abuts a residential district to the east, Ridgecliff Place in Violet Township, whose closest residence is 264 feet away, but separated by a heavily wooded area.

Pickerington's Zoning Department staff acknowledged the wooded area would serve as a natural buffer to the sound emanating from The Wine Guy's loudspeaker. It recommended approval of the application.

Mark Rhodes, general manager of The Wine Guy, said he went to the adjacent neighborhood to seek support for the proposal.

"I currently have over 15 signatures of homeowners saying that they approve of us having live entertainment at our establishment," Rhodes said.

He also assured the Planning and Zoning Commission musicians on the patio will have their "backs to the woods" and will be facing the commercial corridor that is Hill Road North.

"The playing will be done by 8:30 (p.m.), and no notes past that (time)," Rhodes said.

Commission member Mark Dembski asked about the status of the vacant wooded area to the east of property.

"It's a conservation resource area, is my understanding," said Joe Henderson, Pickerington Development Services Director.

"There's a creek running through there. It's actually in (Violet) Township," Henderson said.

Commission member Brian Bosch said he approved of the application despite his initial reluctance.

"When I first (saw) this, my gut reaction was 'no way, no how,' " Bosch said.

"After looking at it, this makes sense in this location," he said.

The Planning and Zoning Commission, with only four members present, unanimously approved the application, which will now go before the Pickerington City Council Service Committee.

Rude Dog Barand Grill

In another patio-related application, Rude Dog Bar and Grill, 10501 Blacklick-Eastern Road, was granted a conditional-use permit for an enclosure to its existing patio.

"It's not really an enclosure, it's there for shade," said John Monebrake of Advanced Awning Co., which has been hired to install the aluminum tube-framed awning.

He said the awning will cover half of the restaurant's existing outdoor patio.

The Rude Dog application will now advance to the City Service Committee for further approval.