Pickerington's Fourth of July fireworks are scheduled for an abbreviated test firing in late April.

Pickerington's Fourth of July fireworks are scheduled for an abbreviated test firing in late April.

That's the message Pickerington officials are conveying in preparation for a fireworks test scheduled for 9 p.m. April 28.

The Violet Township Fire Department will conduct testing from a potential new launch site.

Pickerington City Manager Bill Vance said a small cache of fireworks will be detonated from a location close to the Pickerington High School Central tennis courts to see if that spot is preferable over the traditional July 4 launch site in Sycamore Park.

Violet Township Fire Chief Mike Little said his department is assisting in the test run.

"A couple of years ago a firework went lateral and hit a car up on Hereford Drive and some of the firework debris went up on a porch on one of the houses and one of the residents received burns," Little said.

The person was treated at the scene and was not transported to a medical facility, but the incident has made both city and Violet Fire officials wary of continuing to launch from the existing site near Sycamore Park's skate park, Little said.

"We want to look at a potentially safer launch area," he said.

The issue will be to see if the proposed new launch site is viable in terms of its visibility from certain vantage points near downtown Pickerington, Little said.

"We want to put people in different places," he said.

Observers will be in Victory Park, the Ramar subdivision in Olde Pickerington Village and Epiphany Lutheran Church at 268 Hill Road North, among other locations near the downtown area.

Little said there is a grove of trees to the south of Victory Park that might obstruct the viewing from the proposed new site.

"Part of the concern, if you are in Victory Park, is whether you will be able to see the fireworks well," he said. "We don't know what the visibility is going to be."

Pickerington Parks and Recreation Director Rebecca Medinger said about six shells will be fired in the test run.

She said city staff will be on hand to help with the project, but city residents are also welcome to participate in the visibility study.

"Any feedback would be greatly appreciated," Medinger said.