An ad hoc committee of Reynoldsburg school and city representatives will be looking at ways the two entities can combine or share resources.

An ad hoc committee of school and city representatives will be looking at ways the two entities can combine or share resources.

Members who met Feb. 22 suggested a list of topics to be explored in the coming weeks, including disaster preparedness and crisis management between the police department and the school district; the need for a recreation center in Reynoldsburg; examining the public's use of school facilities and improving access to those facilities.

"The question is, can we save taxpayer money by looking at combining or sharing resources?" Reynoldsburg schools Superintendent Steve Dackin said.

In addition to Dackin, members of the new committee are Reynoldsburg City Council members Nathan Burd, Barth Cotner and Leslie Kelly.

Based on comments he has heard from residents, Cotner said he thinks the ad hoc group should also take a look at ways to improve communication between the school district and the city.

"I think there is an effort being forged between the mayor and Mr. Dackin to hopefully bridge that communication gap that appears to be there from the public's perspective," he said.

Kelly, who chairs the ad hoc committee, said she would like to see it explore the idea of a diversion program for students who make poor choices and for the city and schools to develop a program that would help educate them and teach their families how to help them.

Another topic she mentioned was to explore how the city and school district could share resources such as snow plowing, and find out if there is a way to do it more effectively.

Dackin pointed out that both the district and the city have basic and similar operational costs for such things as payroll, technology support, and maintenance needs such as mowing grass. He wondered if it would be feasible to examine those areas to see if there is some way to share or combine the costs involved to the mutual benefit of the district and the city.

"That would be a good place to start," Kelly said. "Some of the ideas that we talk about - a diversion program - those are programs that take time to develop.

"Operational costs seem to be things that can be more of an immediate solution possibly, so that might be a good thing to look at," she said.

Kelly asked Burd and Cotner to come to the next ad hoc committee meeting on March 1 with information about what the city's operational costs are. She asked Dackin to provide the same information about the school district.

Ad hoc committee meetings are open to the public. The next meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. March 1 in council chambers at the municipal building, 7232 E. Main St.