Etna Township trustees think they have a solution to solve the traffic problem on state Route 310: Move the road.

Etna Township trustees think they have a solution to solve the traffic problem on state Route 310: Move the road.

Trustees on June 15 proposed a plan to "rebadge" the new Job Ready Site road under construction near the Etna Corporate Park on U.S. Route 40 as state Route 310. The plan also involves creating an interchange that would extend from the JRS road south to Interstate 70.

Board president John Carlisle had discussed the idea with Susan Wyant, planning and programs administrator for the Ohio Department of Transportation's District 5, and said the township would rather plan now instead of having the state dictate a plan later.

"I believe this is a win-win for all communities surrounding Etna Township," Carlisle said.

The board formed an interchange committee that includes ProLogis senior vice president Brian Marsh, Robert O'Neil, Carlisle, and trustee Dick Knapp. The board will appoint a fifth member during the next board meeting. Wyant and Lisa Duvall, economic-development officer to Gov. Ted Strickland, will advise the committee.

Wyant said she was unaware that ODOT had plans to widen state Route 310 and that she was open to working with the township.

"It's a matter of collaborating," she said.

Carlisle said he would like to see the interchange completed in five to 10 years.

"We know that this is something that will take some time," he said.

Wyant suggested that the trustees revise the 310 Corridor Future Land Use plan to include the plans for the interchange and the rebadging of Route 310. The comprehensive-plan committee recommended its plans for the 310 corridor to the trustees, which then forwarded the draft to the township zoning commission for review.

The commission likely will decide against holding a public hearing for the draft, according to zoning administrator Chris Harkness.

Though the commission would have 30 days to act on the draft, Harkness said he was unsure when the commission would return the draft to the trustees.

"That's sort of in limbo," he said.

In other business:

Trustees accepted a bid totaling $44,989 from ACE to equip a newly purchased truck with a snow plow, a dump bed and a salt spreader.

The next regular trustees meeting will be held at 7 p.m. July 6 at the community center on Liberty Street.