Reynoldsburg school officials will cut the ribbon Sept. 6 to celebrate the opening of two new schools on Summit Road.

Reynoldsburg school officials will cut the ribbon Sept. 6 to celebrate the opening of two new schools on Summit Road.

The ribbon-cutting is open to the community. It will begin at 6:30 p.m. inside the bus loop between the new high school and elementary school.

Mayor Brad McCloud, Superintendent Steve Dackin and members of the board of education will be present, as will representatives of Moody Nolan Inc., the company that designed the two state-of-the-art buildings, and representatives of the construction company, Smoot Elford McDaniels.

The $60-million project at Summit Road is part of the last phase in the district's overall construction and renovation projects.

The final phase includes the renovation of the Livingston Avenue high school, currently under way, and is expected to be completed sometime next year.

Dackin said the ribbon-cutting not only signifies the opening of the two new schools but is a celebration of construction projects made possible by of the first bond issue, which passed in 2002. A second and final bond issue was approved in 2008.

"We're really celebrating all the projects, with Slate Ridge Elementary, Waggoner Road Middle School and Waggoner Road Junior High School as well as all the renovations that have occurred throughout our district," he said.

"It was a partnership between the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission and the citizens of our school district that really realized a $167-million construction project over nine years," Dackin said. "It's to celebrate the entirety of the project and the generosity of our voters that have given us so willingly the opportunity to have the kind of educational facilities that our kids are going to benefit from."

Dackin said when the final renovation project at the Livingston Avenue high school campus comes to a close next year, every child in the Reynoldsburg district will be attending class in either a new building or a newly renovated building.

"That's a big deal for our community," he said. "The community invested a lot in that and we want to celebrate and recognize it."

Dackin said 6:30 p.m. time slot was chosen for the Sept. 6 ribbon-cutting so those who have to work until 5 p.m. can have a chance to attend.

"We've invited a lot of people to join us in this opportunity to celebrate and we want to give them time to get off work and be able to get out to the facility," Dackin said. "The other thing is, we deliberately started school later this year (Sept. 6) to ensure our facilities would be ready and available and ironically, it's the first day of school."