Reynoldsburg police officer Vincent Scalmato has earned the Officer of the Year award for 2011.

Reynoldsburg police officer Vincent Scalmato has earned the Officer of the Year award for 2011.

Acting Chief Scott McKinley handed out a variety of awards to officers Feb. 13, honoring their service to the community and department.

McKinley said all of the department's 54 sworn officers do a great job.

"We had numerous candidates that probably deserve these awards but at the end of the day, the awards committee narrows it down and makes a selection," McKinley said. "All of them are unique in their own special way and ultimately, if you add up all the different achievements for these officers and employees, that's what makes the quality of this police department what it is It's the people."

McKinley presented Scalmato with the Officer of the Year award in recognition of his continuous dedication, professionalism and service to the city of Reynoldsburg and its citizens.

He recognized Scalmato for having a good work ethic, exhibiting professionalism, and attention to duty. He said Scalmato has demonstrated the level of service that exemplifies the spirit of the award.

During 2011, Scalmato issued more than 500 traffic citations, 250 criminal citations, had 24 felony arrests, 110 drunken driving arrests and recovered 12 handguns.

Scalmato, 29, has been with the department for almost three years, transferring from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office after more than three years of service.

He said although the work he did in Cuyahoga County was busier since it was covering an entire county, being in Reynoldsburg has also been busy.

"It's business as usual," he said. "Up north, we're a little busier, but the jurisdiction was a county."

He said receiving the Officer of the Year award is an honor, but it's not just about him.

"It's a group effort," he said. "The guys I work with on the midnight shift, they do an excellent job with assisting when able, backing me up on stops or tied up doing paperwork it's absolutely a team effort. There's no way I can go out there and do what I do for myself. It's a collaborative effort by all officers."

Scalmato said he plans to stay with Reynoldsburg police with hopes of becoming a supervisor and becoming chief one day.

The 2011 Supervisor of the Year Award was given to officer Ron Wright. McKinley said the award was the result of his outstanding supervision of the department's A-Company, and for excelling in multiple collateral duties such as being a SWAT team supervisor and training-team leader.

"He's an exemplary supervisor," McKinley said. "He has a lot of the skill and discipline from his career as a reservist in the Army, and translates those skills and leadership to his job here at the police department. He's one of those guys that when you give him a project, he completes it on time and ahead of expectations."

The 2011 DUI Ace Award was presented to officer Dan Downing for the third year in a row. In 2011, he made 180 arrests for both drug- and alcohol-related traffic offenses.

McKinley said Downing has perfected the art of detecting impaired drivers.

"He leads the pack and has become the resident expert on being able to detect and apprehend those drivers that are putting residents at risk," he said.

Receiving the 2011 Lifesaving Awards were officers James Rodgers and James Triplett. On Sept. 17, the two responded to a report of a medical emergency in the lobby of the McDonald's restaurant on Reynoldsburg-Baltimore Road.

They found an unconscious and unresponsive man lying on the floor and performed CPR on him until they were relieved by medics from the Violet Township Fire Department.

According to a report from Violet Township Battalion Chief Michael Little, the quick response by the two officers enabled medics to re-establish the man's heartbeat and blood pressure.

"By all accounts, officers Triplett and Rodgers provided invaluable and life-saving treatment to the victim," McKinley said. "Some might say 'well ,that's their job,' and true, it is, and they respond to crisis in the community and thank goodness they are there and have training in this case, they saved that gentleman's life."

Receiving a 30-year Faithful Service award was police clerk and detective secretary Linda Paugh, while officer Dave Love received a 20-year Faithful Service award.

Officers Damon Faraone, Tamara Jackson, Ryan Kiser, and Jeremy Severance were all given 10-year Faithful Service awards.