A restaurant manager was held at gunpoint and ordered to open a safe March 12 at Donato's Pizza, 1815 Brice Road.

A restaurant manager was held at gunpoint and ordered to open a safe March 12 at Donato's Pizza, 1815 Brice Road.

The reporting officer said police arrived after the manager activated a silent alarm, but they were too late to catch the suspect, who fled on foot, walking toward Century City Apartments, according to the manager. He told police he noticed the man walk toward the entry doors with a bandanna over his face, brandishing a black automatic handgun.

He said the man demanded he open the safe, and got away with about $400.

He described the man as black, approximately 5-feet, 5-inches to 5-feet, 6-inches tall, wearing a gray sweatshirt with blue lettering, blue jeans, a dark knit cap and black gloves.

Police checked the area for the man but could not locate him. The robbery is still under investigation.

In other police reports:

* A Reynoldsburg mother was charged with endangering children after she left her toddlers, ages 1 and 3, alone for three hours while she was on a date.

Police reported that officers were dispatched at 12:41 a.m. March 12 to the 2000 block of Eltham Road because of a possible child endangerment. The father of the children told police he knocked on the door and did not get a response, so he thought the children were home alone. The reporting officer said a white Mercedes arrived in front of the house while he was talking to the father, then quickly left.

The father told police the children's mother was in the Mercedes. When officers caught up with the car, the woman, accompanied by another man, said her children were being watched by their grandmother. The grandmother told police she had dropped the children off at their home at 9:30 p.m. that night, to be cared for by their mother.

Police charged the mother of the toddlers with child endangering and falsification.

* A resident struggled with a would-be burglar who turned out to be his son at 8:45 p.m. March 11 after hearing someone break into his apartment in the 1300 block of Briarcliff Road, police reported.

The man told police his son fought with him and struck him four to five times in the face, but left when the man threatened him with a hammer. The father filed a temporary restraining order on his son and police filed charges of aggravated burglary against the son through Franklin County Municipal Court.

* In another incident involving a family member, a woman called police because her 20-year-old daughter was intoxicated and attempting to enter her home in the 2100 block of Hughey Drive at 2:56 a.m. March 9. The reporting officer said the girl hid in a neighbor's car when police arrived and told them her mother would not let her in the house. The officer said the girl began to dry heave and had to be helped out of the vehicle. She was placed under arrest for underage alcohol consumption and disorderly conduct and transported to Franklin County jail.