A Reynoldsburg parent convinced Reynoldsburg City Council and Reynoldsburg school board members to pass a resolution to recognize and pledge support for FEED Ohio 2015.

A Reynoldsburg parent convinced Reynoldsburg City Council and Reynoldsburg school board members to pass a resolution to recognize and pledge support for FEED Ohio 2015.

The resolution pledges support from Sept. 1 through Sept. 30 for local food pantries.

Council approved it in June; the school board voted 4-1 in favor of it during a special meeting Aug. 25.

"Any of us, at any given time, could have a need," Crystal Davies, a member of the Raider Strong PAC, said at the school board meeting.

"A job loss, medical bills or other unexpected expenses or event could have you or me needing help," she said. "There is no one face that defines a hungry or needful family."

Davies said Gov. John Kasich's FEED Ohio resolution encourages local communities to collect food and raise funds for food pantries "unique to their area" during September.

"While there are many good charities to support, I believe, as stated in the governor's proclamation, that Reynoldsburg Helping Hands meets the criteria as being unique to the area ... and has been serving the families in the Reynoldsburg school district since 1958," Davies said.

"Janet Munjas, the director of Helping Hands, taught 41 years in Reynoldsburg City Schools and continues to serve the families of our district," she said.

Davies said she became involved with FEED Ohio as member of the public affairs committee for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She recruited nine "neighborhood captains," responsible for assembling a team of residents to help distribute 1,250 empty paper grocery bags to Reynoldsburg residences, asking that they be filled with food donations.

More bags -- up to 3,000 donated by Kroger -- are on standby if volunteers need more.

"I was really touched by the service people were willing to give," Davies said.

The neighborhood captains are Debbie Dunlap, Rachel Bailey, Jamie Allison, Tina Tate, Susan Kirkpatrick, Teri Staten, Mandi Gray, Claire Sanzone and Donna Lister.

"The volunteers will leave the bags on front porches with a flier attached asking for nonperishable food and personal hygiene items," Davies said. "The web address feedohio.org is on the flier for more information about the campaign."

She said volunteers will write a pick-up date on the bags so people can leave their donations out on their porches on that date.

"The campaign runs from Sept. 1 to Sept. 30, so the volunteers can make it work with their schedules," she said.

There is also a need for financial contributions for the food pantry, which is one reason Davies said she asked for the school district's support.

"The principals of each school could come up with a unique idea for their students to participate, whether it's a jeans or hat day or a principal kisses a pig for a donation -- whatever is unique or fun for students," she said.

Board President Elaine Tornero cast the lone "no" vote against the resolution.

"FEED Ohio is a worthy cause, but how will we respond in a fair, consistent way when the next worthy cause comes before the board?" she said. "Secondly, I do not want to -- suddenly and with a deadline -- add to the workload of our staff, especially in September when the school year is starting.

"This is a time to set a solid foundation for a successful school year and that takes time and energy," she said.

Tornero said September is also a month that can "hit family budgets hard."

"There are school supplies, fees, possibly clothing and pay to play fees," she said. "Many PTOs have their fundraisers in the fall. I don't feel comfortable asking families for more. I believe it is important to stay focused on our true mission: educating kids."