The Ohio Capital Conference has released its all-league girls soccer team for the 2014 season.

The Ohio Capital Conference has released its all-league girls soccer team for the 2014 season.

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Player of the Year: Payton Naylor, Olentangy

Coach of the Year: Megan Kristen, Olentangy

First Team

Forwards:Payton Naylor, Olentangy; Morgan McCullough, Olentangy; Samantah Damante, New Albany; Rachel Yates, Delaware

Midfielders:Emily Beaver, Olentangy Orange; Annie Mosca, Worthington Kilbourne

Defenders:Kyra Zuiderweg, New Albany; Tiere Richardson, Olentangy Orange; Julia Tout, Worthington Kilbourne; Makenna Hammond, Big Walnut

Goalie:Erin Lawhorn, Mount Vernon

Second Team


Midfielders:Alaina Poff, Olentangy; Nicky Costantino, New Albany; Erin Wesolowski, Worthington Kilbourne; Jennie Wegner, Big Walnut; Hannah Joseph, Delaware; Danaye Nixon, Mount Vernon

Defenders:Cassidy Marino, Olentangy; Erin Wilt, Olentangy; Emily Sayre, New Albany; Katie Calvert, Olentangy Orange

Goalie:Katie Luce, Olentangy Orange; Ashton Shearer, New Albany

Special Mention

Forward:Delaney Earl, Olentangy Orange

Midfielders:Anna Welch, Delaware; Abby Tabor, Big Walnut; Abby Eymann, Worthington Kilbourne; Abby Miller, Olentangy

Defender:Brooke Isabel, New Albany


Honorable Mention

Forward:Taylor Momburg, Olentangy Orange

Midfielders:Sarah Markel, Olentangy; Maddie Aleshire, Big Walnut; Ashley Smiley, Delaware

Defenders:Laura Sahr, Mount Vernon; Riley Miller, Worthington Kilbourne; Kiana Khorrami, New Albany



Player of the Year: Adriana Johnson, Hilliard Bradley

Coach of the Year: Cheri Shields, Hilliard Bradley

First Team

Forwards:Erin Griffith, Dublin Jerome; Myiah Kelley, Hilliard Bradley; Betsy Cadwallader, Canal Wichester

Midfielders:Becca Schalip, Hilliard Bradley; Valerie Brown, Westerville Central; Hayley Hotchkiss, Westerville North; Lindsey Rentzsch, Dublin Scioto

Defender:Abbie Laufersweiler, Dublin Jerome; Mya Howard, Dublin Jerome; Adriana Johnson, Hilliard Bradley; Kenna Pollard, Westerville Central; Peri Wiley, Westerville North; Ellie Weber, Hilliard Darby


Second Team

Forward:Taylor Howell, Westerville Central

Midfielders:Kenna Poptic, Dublin Jerome; Keemia Rashidi, Dublin Jerome

Defenders:Grace Foder, Hilliard Bradley; Alex Day, Hilliard Bradley; Ryann Harris, Dublin Jerome; Toni Lytus, Westerville South; Madeline McCoy, Canal Winchester; Kali Steele, Dublin Scioto

Goalies:Ali Phillipi, Hilliard Bradley; Taylor Johnson, Westerville North

Special Mention

Forward:Gabby Iouse, Hilliard Darby

Midfielder:Caitlin Peirson, Westerville North

Defenders:Megan Brauner, Hilliard Bradley; Kennedy Wells, Westerville Central

Goalies:Maddie Ireton, Dublin Jerome; Emmi Confare, Canal Winchester

Honorable Mention


Midfielders:Gabby Viggiano, Hilliard Bradley; Marissa Conkins, Westerville Central; Morgan Pearce, Westerville North; Carlee, Hilliard Darby

Defenders:Taylor Coontz, Canal Winchester; Chloe Marburger, Westerville South

Goalies:Allie Eynon, Dublin Jerome; Mikhaylan Price, Dublin Scioto


Player of the Year: Emma Ranalli, Olentangy Liberty

Coach of the Year: Lisa Saiben, Olentangy Liberty

First Team

Forwards:Jenna Szabo, Thomas Worthington; Grace DeLuca, Thomas Worthington; Lindsey Sullivan, Marysville; Kortney Mcginnis, Central Crossing

Midfielders:Emma Ranalli, Olentangy Liberty; Hannah Lehmkuhl, Dublin Coffman; Rachel Piscopo, Upper Arlington

Defenders:Katie Best, Olentangy Liberty; Courtney Dille, Dublin Coffman; Sydney Wright, Hilliard Davidson; Alex Beery, Upper Arlington

Goalie:Miranda Kuhns, Olentangy Liberty

Second Team

Forwards:Jordan Fike, Olentangy Liberty; Abbey Steiner, Dublin Coffman; Maddie Miller, Upper Arlington; Cassie Fisher, Marysville; Courtney Larkin, Central Crossing

Midfielders:Kylie Slusser, Olentangy Liberty; Grace Smith, Thomas Worthington; Erin Duffy, Hilliard Davidson

Defenders:Emma Waters, Olentangy Liberty; Sophia Bingaman, Dublin Coffman; Bailey Whitlow, Dublin Coffman; Jennifer Mosier, Westland


Special Mention


Midfielders:Sarina Dirrig, Olentangy Liberty; Cassie Koenig, Hilliard Davidson

Defenders:Hannah Peale, Upper Arlington; Jessica Schweickart, Thomas Worthington; Lauren Hampton, Marysville

Goalie:Michaela Buckley, Dublin Coffman

Honorable Mention

Forwards:Rian Reid, Thomas Worthington; Devon McClellan, Hilliard Davidson

Midfielders:Alexa Fisher, Olentangy Liberty; Julia Klebe, Upper Arlington; Olivia Terrell, Central Crossing

Defenders:Sophie Vanderstoep, Dublin Coffman; Abby Jacobs, Marysville; Destinee Long, Westland



Player of the Year: Abby Davies, Newark

Coaches of the Year: Brian Griffin, Lancaster; Andrew Ling, Groveport; Greg Van Kannel, Pickerington North

First Team

Forwards:Aisha Suhaiba, Pickerington Central; Remington Eades, Gahanna; Riley Bowyer, Grove City; Erica Campbell, Lancaster; Abby Davies, Newark

Midfielders:Taylor Johnson, Pickerington Central; Aubrey Lukacsko, Pickerington North; Kelly Eisenhauer, Pickerington North; Erica Schrader, Gahanna

Defenders:Megan Davis, Pickerington Central; Megan Farr, Grove City; Emily Vogelgesang, Reynoldsburg


Second Team

Forwards:Cameron Schedenhelm, Pickerington North; Megan Marasco, Pickerington North; Micayla Welsh, Lancaster; Molly Van Horn, Reynoldsburg

Midfielders:Samantah Grim, Pickerington Central; Lea Reynolds, Pickerington Central; Alison Smitley, Gahanna; Meghan Roche, Newark; Jiada Singratsomboune, Groveport

Defenders:Amanda Augustyniak, Pickerington Central; Morgan Marquez, Gahanna; Lindsay Jones, Grove City


Special Mention

Forward:Makenna Allmon, Grove City

Midfielders:Kaitlyn Miller, Pickerington Central; Ceri Goff, Reynoldsburg

Defenders:Anne O'Dell, Lancaster; Izzy Reibold, Pickerington North

Goalie:Kaylee Hensley, Gahanna

Honorable Mention

Forwards:Lydia Gates, Pickerington Central; Jordan McElravey, Groveport

Midfielders:Molly Rose, Gahanna; Erin Hartig, Grove City; Samantha Buck, Reynoldsburg

Defenders:Alex Baldwin, Pickerington North; Alex Morgan, Newark

Goalie:Mikaela Wagner, Lancaster