I'm writing to share with the community my thought process in voting against the rezoning of 3371 and 3381 Tremont Road on May 12.

I'm writing to share with the community my thought process in voting against the rezoning of 3371 and 3381 Tremont Road on May 12.

I ran for city council for many reasons, none more important than the need to improve the commercial tax base of the city through "fair and balanced" economic development.

I define "fair and balanced" as weighing the pros and cons of each decision based on the greater good of the community as a whole. In this instance, city council was asked to rezone current residential use property to commercial use. The decision before council was a zoning issue, not an economic development issue, and it was most definitely not redevelopment. You can only redevelop what has previously been developed.

Council was given a broad range of potential income tax revenue projections which I believe were optimistic for a project of this scale. This belief was confirmed by some of the residents who presented testimony during the public hearings.

Most compelling to me was a physician who testified to council about her decision not to relocate her sizable medical practice to the site being considered for various reasons. When I asked about the revenue estimates, she felt they were optimistic and the comparisons cited were not really comparable. She stated that an orthopedic practice is like a small hospital, unlike a physical therapy practice, which was identified as one of the potential tenants. I weighed her thoughts heavily as she, in my opinion, was the closest to an expert o testify.

I commend the developer for making modifications to the original site plan to address concerns over parking, building size and easements. But in this instance, I believe the residents of the adjacent neighborhood had a reasonable expectation that the properties in question would remain residential use.

In my opinion, the benefits of this project failed to outweigh the detrimental effects that many of the neighbors expressed. Based on the testimony presented, including an appraisal, it is my belief that the harm done may be material and the neighboring residents will not be compensated for that loss.

I look forward to working with the other members of council, Regency and local developers on truly moving the community forward with the redevelopment of Kingsdale into a premiere mixed-use district that the entire community can be proud of and enjoy.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the many residents, property owner and developer who attended council meetings, met with council members individually and provided volumes of information to assist us in our decision. I know that all of you sacrificed time away from your family and other interests to participate in this process. Thank you.

In closing I want to state my respect for the opinions of the other members of council, who may disagree with my analysis. I am certain that they weighed the evidence as much as I and in this case we reached a different conclusion.