I am writing to compliment the Upper Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce (UAACC) regarding its release of the "UA Business Monthly" inserts in This Week Upper Arlington.

I am writing to compliment the Upper Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce (UAACC) regarding its release of the "UA Business Monthly" inserts in This Week Upper Arlington.

Becky Hajost, president of the UA Chamber, has demonstrated a qualified ability to lead and I appreciate her efforts to further the presence of Upper Arlington's business community.

This new medium to promote the UA business climate is a welcome effort. The voice of the UAACC needs an individual with foresight and proven marketing ability to vocalize the needs of entities located in Upper Arlington and Ms. Hajost exceeds expectation. Coupled with the city of Upper Arlington's commitment to progress and respect for its heritage, this direction can provide a catalyst and blueprint for future partnerships.

With the proposed development along Tremont, the discussions to re-energize the Kingsdale project and the resurgence of our local business professionals, Upper Arlington can share in the growth its neighbors have been experiencing over the past few years.

Upper Arlington does not have to lose its aesthetic, classic neighborhood feel at the cost of business development. Compromise is available and achievable. With willingness, a spirit of cooperation, respect for the wants and wishes of all involved and innovative programs such as the UAACC is designing and promoting, this community and its neighbors can set the pace for the greater central Ohio region. After all, it's not just UA and central Ohio we're trying to grow; it's Ohio as a whole.

Let's get behind one another, retain and promote our businesses and people, and push forward in unison.

A plan is under way to develop three adjacent properties across Lane Avenue from the Lane Avenue Shopping Center -- 1714 Lane Ave., 2484 Brandon Road and 2494 Brandon Road -- into a two-story office-retail-restaurant establishment with a parking lot.

The UA Board of Zoning and Planning is expected to hold a discussion of this plan on July 7 and to vote on July 21.

Within and near the Lane Avenue Shopping Center there are seven vacant properties, including a former bread shop, a former frozen yogurt shop, a former clothing store, a former wine shop, a former book store, a former pet store, and a former travel agency (and never mind Kingsdale). Does it make sense to develop property in this manner when so many vacancies exist?

Furthermore, within the North Star-Northwest Boulevard section of Lane Avenue, there are at least eight eating establishments, ranging from very casual (Whole Foods) to more formal (Le Chatelaine, China Dynasty). The developers are suggesting a "higher-end restaurant." Did they forget that we had Peasant on the Lane, which is no more?

In addition, there is a large expanse of green grass on the 1714 Lane Avenue lot. This green space is a soothing buffer between the nearby single-family residences and the Shopping Center with all the traffic that runs in front of it. Does it make sense to remove the green space?

The city's position on development is that we need to increase the tax base. Does this type of development make sense?