Greensview Elementary School principal Steve Scarpitti will leave his longtime post and transfer to Windermere Elementary at the beginning of August.

Greensview Elementary School principal Steve Scarpitti will leave his longtime post and transfer to Windermere Elementary at the beginning of August.

Scarpitti said he has already received calls and e-mails from Greensview families wishing him well in his new role.

"I've been there for 18 years," he said. "With that kind of time, you really put your stamp on the heart and soul of the school."

Scarpitti will replace Leanne Katterheinrich, who has accepted a position with the Marysville Exempted Village Schools. Jason Wulf, Greensview's elementary instructional specialist (EIS), will succeed Scarpitti as that building's principal.

The Upper Arlington Board of Education is scheduled to approve the appointments when it meets today (Thursday).

"We are genuinely fortunate to have two professional educators of the quality and caliber of Steve and Jason to fill these key administrative positions," said superintendent Jeffrey Weaver. "Both individuals bring experience, expertise, innovation and excellent knowledge of technology to their roles. They are highly organized, child-centered school personnel with excellent knowledge of the community and a desire to continue their service to the staff, children and parents of their respective buildings."

Scarpitti has been a teacher and an administrator in the Upper Arlington City Schools for 30 years. His tenure includes five years of teaching at the former Burbank Elementary, three years teaching math and science at Hastings Middle School, and four years as assistant at the middle school.

"I am truly thrilled to accept this new assignment and work with the excellent Windermere staff and families, but it is certainly bittersweet," Scarpitti said. "I am really going to miss my many, many friends on the Greensview staff, the wonderful and helpful parents, and, of course, the children."

Scarpitti said he will help oversee Greensview's expansion this summer and will assist Wulf in the transition.

"He will be a really great principal, and he already knows the Greensview families and staff," Scarpitti said.

Wulf began his career in Upper Arlington in 2001 as a fourth-grade teacher and four years later took over as EIS, a position he has held for three years. A 1992 graduate of Upper Arlington High School, Wulf also has four years of teaching experience with the Hilliard City Schools.

Wulf said he is excited about assuming the leadership at Greensview.

"I couldn't be happier because I'll continue working in a building I love so much and with people I really respect," Wulf said.

The district will soon begin the process of filling the EIS position at Greensview, said Steve Phillips, executive director of personnel services.

"That will be a position we post, internally first to see if there's a possibility of a transfer," Phillips said. "If we need to, we will look outside."

Scarpitti said he looking forward to new challenges at Windermere.

"There's a lot of traditions at Windermere. I'll have to learn them," he said. "I'll go from being a 'lion king' (Greensview's mascot) to a Windermere hawk."