Planning is under way for the development of Sunny 95 Park.

Planning is under way for the development of Sunny 95 Park.

The city of Upper Arlington has set aside $300,000 for the first phase of development of the 14.7-ace park, located adjacent to Greensview Elementary, 4501 Greensview Drive, and the existing Langston Park.

City council is considering legislation that would allow parks and recreation director Tim Moloney to modify the city's existing contract with Edsall & Associates for design services to develop Sunny 95 Park.

In addition to $23,900 already paid to Edsall & Associates for a master plan and site survey, the modified contract would include an additional $45,500 for construction documentation and other technical services.

Modifying the contract with Edsall & Associates is necessary because the overall scope of the Sunny 95 project has changed significantly, Moloney said.

"In response to requirements and modifications made by the Environmental Protection Agency, we were required to develop a stormwater plan that addresses water quality/quantity issues that reach far beyond the park's boundaries," Moloney said in a staff report prepared for council's Nov. 17 conference session. "These new guidelines were developed after the original scope of this project was determined, and have caused us to redesign how we are to manage the site."

Design services for Sunny 95 Park will also include developing a 66-vehicle parking lot. The need for additional parking was cited repeatedly by residents who attended forums throughout the year to gather public input about how Sunny 95 Park should be developed, Moloney said.

"The public really wants parking addressed immediately," Moloney told council members.

In addition to parking and stormwater management, the first phase of development will also include grading the park's fields. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2009.