The city of Upper Arlington will collect live Christmas trees on Fridays, Jan. 9, 16 and 30 and Feb. 6.

The city of Upper Arlington will collect live Christmas trees on Fridays, Jan. 9, 16 and 30 and Feb. 6.

All decorations should be removed and trees placed at the curb with one solid waste sticker affixed per tree. Do not place trees in bags.

Trees can also be dropped off free of charge at the Bill Holbrook Yard Waste Compost Site, 4120 Roberts Road. Call the city's Solid Waste Department at 583-5380 for hours.

Effective today (Jan. 1) an increase of five percent will be applied to all license, permit and development related fees to ensure administrative and inspection costs associated with each service are recouped.

The Development Department follows a two-year review cycle in keeping with the biennial budget process. Services that the Development Department provides to the community include permits for the installation of electrical appliances such as furnaces and hot water heaters, and various home improvement projects, from driveway replacements to room additions.

Fee increases were last implemented in January 2007. The five percent increase is consistent with surrounding jurisdictions.

For details, call the Development Department, at 583-5070.

Upper Arlington offers residents the opportunity to enjoy sledding hills in three of its parks: Northwest Park, on Stovehaven Drive south of Henderson Road; Thompson Park, on Mountview Road between McCoy Road and Lane Road; and Sunny 95 Park, on Langston Drive west of Greensview Drive.

The largest hill is located at Northwest Park.

The parks are not staffed, but the Parks and Forestry Division offers the following safety recommendations for sledders:

Dress in layers, including a hat and gloves.

Avoid hills that could lead to collisions with trees, fences or other structures.

Avoid creeks or ponds.

Don't sled toward ditches, roads or parking lots.

Never sled after dark unless the area is well lit.

Walk up the sides of the hill, never up the middle.

Never use damaged or broken sleds, and avoid overloading a sled.

Don't wear coats with drawstrings that may become tangled in sleds.

For added safety, wearing a bike helmet.

Be courteous to others and have a responsible adult present to supervise preteen sledders and snowboarders.

For more information, contact the Parks and Forestry Division at 583-5340.