In August, Marie Anthony, who is a Realtor, jeweler and basketball official - as well as an ambassador for the chamber - graciously invited me to become a member of the Upper Arlington Chamber of Commerce. As her guest, I attended a luncheon with the B.N.E.

(Business Networking Exchange) where I enjoyed meeting Chamber members in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Before I was even home from the event, I received a call from Linda Newberry from First City Bank, asking if I could hold a weight-loss challenge for the employees of the bank. I jumped at the chance and we had a lot of fun and great success.

The week following the Chamber B.N.E. event, John Rule of Global Wellness Partners came to Quick Gym Ohio and became a member. At the luncheon, John and I had discussed our businesses and how we might work together. After further discussion, we decided to do just that.

We joined forces and combined the two entities. The partnership has been very fruitful, allowing me to better help my clients address their wellness needs. With this new collaboration between John and me, we are generating more business.

Two weeks after the first luncheon Marie Anthony came through again and invited me to an event at the Swim and Racquet Club. I met more wonderful people with whom I was able to share information about Quick Gym Ohio and the wellness and nutrition work that I do.

I can't say enough good things about the work Marie Anthony, Chamber ambassador. She helps to bring business people together. The shot of adrenaline my business has received since I became a member of the Upper Arlington Chamber of Commerce has been wonderful.