With their move five blocks west on Lane Avenue, a whole new ambiance awaits patients of Arlington Optical's Lane Avenue store.

After 20 years at their previous location, this store introduces a fresh, new brand color palette, frame merchandising by brand, exceptional lighting for detailed product illumination, easier store access and private parking. These are just a few of the improvements immediately visible upon a first visit.

"Our business is based upon for key attributes: quality of products and services; craftsmanship of skilled, licensed opticians; style and selection of major domestic and European brands of frames and lenses. At over 60% larger than our previous store, our new location allows us to showcase all of these attributes into one very functional, beautiful new store," said Tim McNemar, president/owner of Arlington Optical. "Since we do most of our lens work in our own on-site lab, it was critical to enlarge our lab space to accommodate the volume of business lens customization demands."

When Arlington Optical decided to upgrade and relocate the Lane Avenue store, they went through an exhausting review of potential sites in the Arlington area.

"With the quality of services the city of Upper Arlington offers and a very involved and proactive UA Chamber, it was never an option to move out of the city," said Tim McNemar. "The challenge was finding the right location in Arlington for our move. The staff at the UA Department of Economic Development, especially Matt Shad, were incredibly proactive in helping us find the right location. Their help, coupled with the Ohio "GrowNOW" program, our agent Carlton Daguresch at Colliers Turley Martin and Tucker and the smooth cooperation of the inspection team at UA, made what could have been a very painful experience, totally smooth and problem-free."

Arlington Optical really focused on using a talented pool of small local businesses to help with their build-out - from Ron Caldwell Construction to Wolfe & Sons Heating and Cooling and Etling Electric, these small businesses were key to enabling them to complete their build-out efficiently and on-time.

With a complete renovation of the building, Arlington Optical was very sensitive to the ecological impact the renovation would have on the Arlington community.

They made every effort to "be green" in as many processes of the renovation as possible. They recycled existing fluorescent light fixtures, reused steel studs, laid bamboo flooring, installed eco-friendly track and can lighting (resulting in a total wattage reduction of over 20% less than required by the city energy code) and implemented exterior LED lighting and low voltage fluorescent lighting.

Arlington Optical has extended their Saturday hours to 9 a.m.-5 p.m. to increase accessibility. "The one thing I want to stress that has not changed with our new store is our passion to deliver the best quality eyewear and incomparable service to our patients before and after the sale," said Timothy McNemar.