I think the Sunny 95 Park is a good idea.

I think the Sunny 95 Park is a good idea.

After reading the article "Sunny 95 Park Plan OK'd -- with Pond" by Chris Bournea, I was reassured by many people's comments that the park would be safe and necessary to help our community. The arguments that some people in the community gave, like possible wandering demented senior citizens ran the risk of falling in the pond, seemed like desperate attempts to boot the plan.

However, it will help with storm water management, it will be a nice place for field trips, and it was designed with a tall fence around the outside for protection. In addition there will be an emergency call box and a ring to throw out if anyone is drowning.

It seems like the designers of the Sunny 95 Park planned it out well, they took precautions and have their reasons for building the pond.

I agree with this plan and I'm looking forward to seeing the park after it's built.

I think that the new park that is planned to go by Greensview is a great thing for our community. There are easily two sides to the issue; however I think the positives of this idea prevail.

I especially love the idea of the outdoor amphitheater. This is the type of things our youth and teenagers need in this town. I have many friends who are in bands and I have been in one myself. I know that having this amphitheater is nothing but a good idea. Sure there will be a handful of the people bringing up the idea of too much noise, but that's beside the point.

The kids have to usually go down to campus to play and/or hear their buddies playing music, and campus isn't the best area around Upper Arlington by any means. This also will give us kids something to do and keep us out of trouble. I for one would love to spend a spring, summer, or fall evening in a park listening to music; it's a perfect way to spend a weekend night

This park and amphitheater are nothing but a good thing for this community. I love the idea.

Upper Arlington is such a beautiful suburb.

Being a teenager in Upper Arlington I don't usually notice the little things that go on in and around town. But as I drive past Kingsdale, I find it to be such an eyesore. I appreciate the amount of work that city officials are doing to improve our look and making it more of a pretty town (new and improved apartments, closing down stores in Kingsdale that don't need to be there, adding a Starbucks and a smoothie place -- Robeks).

I'm writing you today to give some ideas on what types of stores we can put in our now disgusting shopping place.

Two stores, city officials and the people of UA might want to think about putting in Kingsdale would be a Target (meaning we would get rid of Macy's and the Game Stop store) and also put in a "cool" store such as The Limited. If it's possible, I would like to see a movie theatre put up there as well.

Kingsdale used to be a fun, hopping place. It seems to have lost its popularity ever since online shopping has been invented. I hope that people take the idea of improving Kingsdale seriously because it needs to happen fast.

I am writing to respond to the article in This Week on Wednesday, March 11, 2009. The article was titled "Sunny 95 park plan OK'd -- with pond."

After reading this article I was shocked to find out there was going to be a large pond and fence covering the area which was once a large open field over viewing the Greensview hills.

The land surrounding that area has been undergoing construction of roads, which took several months, and after this job was over the next week Greensview went under a renovation of the side of the school by adding new classrooms.

For my whole life, I have lived across from Greensview and by constructing a pond in the middle of a field and creating a 42" fence around destroys the aesthetic beauty of the community. Though I will soon graduate from UAHS and move away, it would be unfair for future generations of children to not have access to wide, open green fields.

This construction sets a bad precedent for the future of Upper Arlington, which has historically been a relatively green community with its tree and parks. The first phase of the construction costs $860,000.

Upper Arlington is a very family friendly town so it is important for there to be activities for all ages. There is not that much to do and the opportunities are shrinking.

Recently Barrington took down its basketball courts and most of the other schools do not have outside courts. There is nowhere after school to go have some fun and play a little ball.

The city should consider adding some sort of rec center or at least a few public hoops. There is plenty of unused space that could easily be converted into a few courts, and most of the parks in UA don't currently have a basketball court.

It is something that a lot of people can enjoy.

Support your fellow Golden Bears.

This past fall I attended a women's field hockey game to support a few of my friends on the team. When I looked up into the stands all I saw was empty bleachers and a small section of their parents cheering.

It is a shame that we as a community don't go out and cheer on our high school athletes. The high school has over 25 men's and women's varsity sports. The kids on these teams are all well-rounded students who work hard pursuing their sport for two sometimes three hours a day, to compete against schools near and far.

For $3 dollars show some community spirit while being entertained by our talented high school athletes.

I am writing in regard to the staff and students at Upper Arlington High School and how they are in comparison to my other school.

I moved from Oregon to Idaho in the summer of '07 so it was difficult to meet people since I was out of school. When school started I was able to meet people by playing volleyball, but most of those friends I made faded. There were also no student ambassadors to show me around the school so I wasn't sure where to go most of the time and none of the teachers were aware I was new to the state.

In February of this year, I moved to Ohio. Coming into a new school at the end of the year benefited me in the social aspect of it. The counselors and teachers were extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable right away. The students were just as friendly and quick to show me around.

I think every student who is new to a school system should be able to experience the same courtesies that the staff and students at Upper Arlington High School have shown me.