A combined effort involving the city of Upper Arlington, the Upper Arlington Board of Health, the Franklin County Board of Health and local residents is key to reducing the mosquito population -- thereby minimizing the need for truck-based.

Many tools and techniques are used throughout the season to help control the mosquito population. Residents can help by reporting areas they suspect may be mosquito breeding locations, or when they notice an increase in adult mosquito activity.

Residents should check www.ua-ohio.net for updates on pending mosquito spraying dates. The city may not have adequate time to notify residents.

To receive a copy of an informational brochure on mosquito control, call the Public Services Department at 583-5350, or download a copy at www.ua-ohio.net.

The city of Upper Arlington Police Division's Stealth Stat is a tool to help address speeding in local neighborhoods.

Stealth Stat can be unobtrusively mounted on a pole to gather data on the frequency and speed of traffic on any given road. From the resulting report, officers can obtain details of the lowest and highest speeds, and determine whether there is an excess of motorists traveling above the posted speed limit.

Residents may request Stealth Stat for use in their neighborhood. Results are posted online at www.ua-ohio.net, under the Resident Services/Police Services section.

For additional information on this program, or to request a Stealth Stat, call the Police Division at 583-5150.