The Chamber of Commerce idea is a concept found only where private initiative and free enterprise exist.

How the Chamber of Commerce began
The Chamber of Commerce idea is a concept found only where private initiative and free enterprise exist.

The Chamber of Commerce as a wholly volunteer institution in the United States is eight years older than the Declaration of Independence. The New York State Chamber, the first in America, was organized in 1768, and five years later the first local chamber was formed in Charleston, S.C.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was founded on April 22, 1912, at the suggestion of President William Howard Taft to develop a strong link between business and government. Ohio has a similar organization that keeps a watchful eye on government at the state level. We are a member of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, thus we are kept informed on the benefits of our membership. Upper Arlington Area Chamber also belongs to the Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce (COCC). These two groups provide professional networking and education for chamber professional staff as well benefits such as the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Program and the CompManagement Workers' Compensation Group Rating Plan.

The Chamber is not a social club, a charity or the city. Although it is not for profit, the IRS code for mutual benefit organizations is 501 6 not 3 as a church, the American Red Cross or a retirement home would be.

The Upper Arlington Chamber receives no grants or state funding.

About the Chamber
The Upper Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1977 to strengthen the economic vitality and enhance the quality of life and the business environment in our region by providing value-added programs and networking opportunities that contribute to our members' success.

Increase your company's profitability while investing in the economic vitality and quality of life in Upper Arlington. Numerous networking, marketing, leadership and cost-saving opportunities are available.

What the Chamber does..
The Upper Arlington Area Chamber works to market the assets of Upper Arlington within the region by collaborating with other organizations to develop various marketing tools, products and services.

We strive for the support of local business through membership value: helping existing businesses grow and prosper by connecting them to new customers through various marketing strategies, marketing their company through on-line visibility, and being an advocate for them.

The UA Chamber collaborates with other organizations to help assist in marketing the assets of our city within the region and help generate greater awareness of the Columbus region.
We assist in growing the area's assets and include workforce development, infrastructure, business-friendly policies and quality of life.

We are a member-based organization with the "power to make a difference."