Ship Print e-Sell is located at 3136 Kingsdale Center. It has been in Upper Arlington for four years and also has been a member of the UA Chamber for four years.

Ship Print e-Sell is a full-service and packing store. It can handle anything from next-day letters to large pieces of furniture. It employs a variety of carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS freight and TSI trucking. The company also offers office-related services such as laminating, printing, faxing and mailbox rental.

Co-owner Jon Pugh cited networking opportunities as one benefit in being a chamber member. He also likes the connection with the community. Through involve-ment with events such as the Taste of UA and the Kingsdale Wrecking Ball, the company has come to know a broad spectrum of city leaders, staff and UA citizens.

Ship Print e-Sell is currently in the middle of what will soon be the most exciting part of the Upper Arlington retail scene - Kingsdale. The project is under way with a vengeance. The short-term challenge is the construction taking place in front of the store.

It may be a distraction, but Ship Print e-Sell is alive and well and ready for the upcoming holiday season. It looks to go above and beyond with its customers and is ready to assist in any way. This includes helping customers get their packages from the parking lot into the store.

As for the UA Chamber, Pugh says, "Membership has its privileges." Staff and committee members are available for questions or for contacts that are extremely valuable assets in any business.