***Special Meeting***

***Special Meeting***



March 1

Immediately following

7 p.m. Work Session

Council Chamber, 3600 Tremont Road

The Board of Zoning and Planning of Upper Arlington welcomes all comments from the audience related to items on this agenda. Groups of residents who are interested in the same agenda items are encouraged to select a spokesperson for the purpose of addressing the board. If you wish to participate in the open discussion of a particular item, please stand, be verbally recognized by the chairman, state your name and address for the purpose of our records, and make your comments.

Thomas J. Riley, Chairman

L. Rider Brice

Ida Copenhaver Ginter

Cindy L. Holodnak

Donald Osterhout

T.A. Ward

Review and approval of Jan. 19, 2010, BZAP and Feb. 1, 2010, work session minutes and other reports.


01.01.02 Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dennis 2546 Sherwin Road

Request of Mr. Anthony D. Hudson, Brian Wiland & Associates, on behalf of property owners, to permit the construction of a room addition to the front of the residence that will cause the rear corner of the existing residence to encroach 2.8 feet into the 15.12-foot side yard setback required where the length of the side wall exceeds 40 feet.


02.01.02 Tree of Life Christian Schools 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd.

Appeal filed by Attorney Glen Dugger, Smith & Hale, LLC, on behalf of the applicant, of the Senior Planning Officer's decision that applications submitted on December 21, 2009 were incomplete and/or incomplete.