Summer is always an opportune time to gather with family and friends outside for some fun in the sun.

Summer is always an opportune time to gather with family and friends outside for some fun in the sun.

Many also use it as a time to work on outdoor renovation and construction projects that enhance their outdoor living spaces.

"Summer is definitely the time of year when residents decide to do home improvement projects like decks, patios, fences, garden sheds, outdoor kitchens, etc." Sue Milling of the development department said.

Although the weather is more permitting in the summer, residents still must oftentimes obtain a permit from the city in order to execute outdoor summer projects.

"These projects all necessitate some type of city review and approval by the development department" Milling said.

A fence permit is required for all new and replacement fences, at the cost of $18.

Residents must have the structural side of the fence face the inside, allowing the more appealing fence side to face the adjoining neighbors.

Since they are raised structures that must be properly secured and conform to certain structural integrity requirements, decks require a building permit, development department review and must meet both UA zoning and state building codes.

Three inspections - foundation, framing and final - are typically required once the deck permit is secured and construction begins.

Permits and review by the development department are also required for pools, hot tubs, ponds, gazebos, arbors, trellises, screened and covered porches.

Residents must be aware that if they are using a contractor to complete such projects, they must first obtain a general contractors registration to work in the city of Upper Arlington.

Small home improvement projects such as small storage sheds, sport courts, and paver patios do not require a standard building permit.

In these cases, a certificate of zoning compliance is needed at a cost of $53.

Residents should also remember that if they are working on landscaping, they must call before they start digging into any ground.

Residents should contact their local underground locating service at least 48 hours in advance for help locating any underground power lines such as electric, cable and gas.

Graduation parties, outdoor weddings and family parties are also popular during the summer season and with these festivities, tents are a normal addition to the decor.

The Upper Arlington Fire Division regulates tent permits.

"We want to help them have a safe event," Cheryl Holbrook, administrative assistant in the fire prevention office said. "However, a lot of residents are not aware that they have to apply for a permit."

A tent permit for $125 is required for any tent or structure over 200 square feet or awning over 400 square feet. If the structure is open on all sides, then a permit is only needed for those that are over 700 square feet.

Before placing any structure in your residential area, residents must complete a site plan, application and submit it to the fire division.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like an application, please contact the city of Upper Arlington Fire Prevention Office at 583-5115.

Outdoor entertainment such as live bands are also popular during the summer and also require a permit and notification process to surrounding neighbors.

Residents should contact the City Clerk's office, 583-5030, for outdoor entertainment permits.

The development department staff is always willing to meet with residents to discuss building projects and explain the permitting process.

To speak with an employee in the department, please call 583-5070 or visit for additional details.