As the designer and seamstress of "So Loved Gifts of Comfort" I committed to designing and embroidering 100 golf tee bags for the 2010 UAACC Golf Classic.

As the designer and seamstress of "So Loved Gifts of Comfort" I committed to designing and embroidering 100 golf tee bags for the 2010 UAACC Golf Classic.

The embroidery I designed for the front of the golf tee bags took forty minutes each, but turned out so amazingly. For me, this labor of love took over a months worth of work. I would like to note a special thanks to Yvette, Marlene and Karen who helped me with some final touches. This would ensure that all golfers would have their own bag that contained an assortment of donated gift items.

The weather was perfect and I was touched by the number compliments and appreciation my embroidered bags received from all the golfers. I expressed to Becky Hajost, UAACC President, that by providing the golf tee bags, I gained valuable insight for future production orders, product time management, product embroidery designs and customization.

So Loved Gifts of Comfort is just that; a business that provides designer gift items that brings comfort to the customers intended recipient. My passion is to provide designer embroidered customized quality gifts for the entire family that you can't just purchase anywhere. While working in my dad's business, he taught me his value system to do quality work saying "if you don't have time to do it right (Don't do it at all), and you don't get paid twice to get it right".

Our all occasion's designer gift line includes, So Loved! Blankets, So Loved! Lap Warmers, gift bags, gift tins, "pillo" bags, pillows, travel pillow puvet sets, designer golf tee bags, designer hand bags and totes. The design consultation session with customers allows them to give me input so I can design that ultimate gift item with a special embroidered message from the customer to their intended recipient.

Joining the Chamber came with an opportunity to put more time and focus into growing my So Loved Gifts of Comfort business. As a member, I've had the opportunity to meet business owners that helped connect me with resources and gain sales with companies that need customized designed gift items for their clients, be interviewed on WUAR radio and complete a web listing at UA that will bring even more visibility to my business. My experience with the chamber has kept me inspired on my journey as I grow my business. I have been a member for only three months and I am excited to see what else will transpire from becoming a member.

I have yet to use to $200 coupon given for advertisement in the Upper Arlington ThisWeek Newspaper. There are not enough words to express the doors of opportunity that have opened to help grow my business since joining the UA Chamber.

Project So Loved! was initially a curriculum based Motivational Self-Esteem Program that I expanded in the year 2000. My passion for design and my experiences as a professional caregiver has been the inspiration for me to start my win-win 3N1 business concept where customers purchase a gift item for someone, a patient receives an in-kind gift pillow in their name and also creates the opportunity to provide sewing classes that teach at-risk youths from all walks of life.

The in-kind gift items have a special embroidered message of love, care, concern and hope to bring smiles to the patient's faces, and brighten their day during the recovery process.

The customer may sign the card that is attached to the patient's gift item to send them a special U R So Loved! message. The program will enable youths to assess their personal skills, prepare and increase their marketing potential, learn the value of volunteerism to become a viable and productive part of society. You or your company can get involved with this program by donating stuffing, needles, thread, and monies for sewing machines.

The volunteers that help us provide in-kind embroidered gift pillows to medically fragile and terminally ill patients are known as So Loved! (VFCP) Volunteer Friendship Care Pals. To learn more about Project So Loved! Please visit my website www.projectsoloved. com or call me Lorraine Clark at (614) 732-0610.