"My feet are killing me" If you are ready to do something about the pain, then you are ready to visit Foot Solutions in Upper Arlington.

"My feet are killing me"

If you are ready to do something about the pain, then you are ready to visit Foot Solutions in Upper Arlington.

Foot Solutions of Upper Arlington opened its doors for business on May 5 at the Shops on Lane, 1731 W. Lane Ave. The staff consists of operations manager Rob Agnew, who has been a retail footwear manager for 15 years, and resource manager Kim Clark, who has worked in both the banking industry and sales. Pat Fitzgerald, owner and operator, was a medical supply chain consultant prior to moving from San Diego to start the business.

Foot Solutions provides customers a digital scan and evaluation of their feet (while in motion) at absolutely no cost. This provides information essential to identifying any foot issues and ensuring the best possible fit.

Foot Solutions carries an extensive selection of shoes, including athletic, dress casual, walking, work, sandals, and clogs - in addition to a wide variety of custom and non-custom inserts. The store also handles special orders to accommodate every need and can rejuvenate older shoes and modify them to make them more comfortable.

To ensure that customers are helped in a timely and effective manner, appointments can be made within or outside normal business hours. An appointment ensures an extensive 45-minute assessment to address each customer's needs.

Rob Agnew, store manager, says his store focuses on customer service.

"We know that our customers are busy and that their time is valuable, so appointments are made to fit their schedules, even if it is outside our normal business hours," he said. "This allows us to serve our customers better - and that's what it's all about: serving our customers."

Proper footwear is an integral part of any comprehensive foot care plan. In fact, the success of any treatment plan prescribed by a doctor can be enhanced or undermined by the patient's choice of shoes.

If you are experiencing foot, ankle, knee, lower back, or shoulder pain, it may very well stem from a problem with foot alignment. A properly fitted, supportive shoe, combined with an accommodative insert, can put your feet in balance, and in turn improve the alignment of the rest of your body.

Foot Solutions can also help with: narrow/wide feet, fallen arches, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bunions, flat feet, arch and metatarsal, postural instability, hammer toes, geriatric conditions, foot trauma, chronic irritation caused from improperly fitting footwear.

The Foot Solutions staff at Upper Arlington is trained in foot pathology and the proper fitting of shoes and inserts. They can help customers make choices that support their lifestyle, accommodate any foot, manage pain and simply offer both comfort and style. "We pride ourselves in helping people to find footwear that looks great and feels great too."

Find out more about Foot Solutions at www.footsolutions.com or by calling (614) 488-3585.