Snow may not have fallen on central Ohio yet, but it will cover the stage of Upper Arlington High School's annual musical.

Snow may not have fallen on central Ohio yet, but it will cover the stage of Upper Arlington High School's annual musical.

The school plans to perform Irving Berlin's "White Christmas," Dec. 2-5.

UAHS is one of the first schools in the state to perform the stage adaptation since it was written in 2004, according to vocal music director and show director Eric Kauffman.

"It has been a screen film popular piece for many years, and it was released for the stage in 2004," he said. "It was released for high schools and community theaters in the last couple of years. We are one of the first to premier it in the state of Ohio."

Seniors Kelsey Overmyer will play Betty, who was played by Rosemary Clooney in the 1954 film, Keeley McCormick will play Judy, who was played by Vera-Ellen, Andrew Mariotti will play Bob Wallace, or Bing Crosby's part, and Alex Clark will play Phil Davis, or Danny Kaye's role.

"(The musical) doesn't really differ so much, but, of course, there are things you can do in film that you can't do in live theater," Kauffman said.

Though the adaptation has been shortened and made stage-appropriate, he said many of the favorite musical numbers are still in tact.

"They would have made a huge mistake if they had changed the holiday classic," Kauffman said.

He said this year's show is fit for the entire family.

"We wanted to create an opportunity for the community to have a place where the whole family could come for wholesome entertainment and everyone could leave with a feeling of refreshment and a feeling of being entertained," he said. "There is something for everyone with this show."

Mariotti said he agreed that there is something for everyone in the show.

"The whole thing is just a fun thing to put on," he said. "This is a family show."

He said one of his family members is particularly excited for "White Christmas."

"I like it, because it's my mom's favorite show," he said. "We probably watch it three to four times a week before Christmas. She is really excited."

Overmyer, who played Maria last year in the high school's performance of "West Side Story," said she loves performing in the show because of the friendships she makes.

"It's the only time we get all of these people together," she said.

She said she thinks this year's production is going to be one of the school's all-time bests.

"It's a really upbeat show," she said. "It's a really extravagant production this year, and I think it's going to turn out really well."

Clark said the audience should be excited.

"Our high school has always been known for really well-done musicals, and I think people have big expectations," he said. "This is a musical classic, but many people haven't seen the Broadway version of it. I think it would be really enjoyable to see the movie performed on stage."

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