Citing a need to reawaken her passion, Caren Petersen is moving A Muse Gallery to German Village.

Citing a need to reawaken her passion, Caren Petersen is moving A Muse Gallery to German Village.

"I think it will be exciting," Petersen said." We just needed to shake things up a bit."

The fine-arts art gallery, located at 996 W. Third Ave. in the Grandview Heights area for the last 12 years, will open in German Village by appointment only on March 1, with an open house slated for March 18.

The new 1,200-square-foot space at 188-190 E. Whittier St. will be split into two rooms, one for A Muse Gallery, which will be shortened to Muse Gallery, and Circle Gallery, a high-end, private-client brokerage gallery. A locked courtyard on the side of the building will serve as display area for sculptures.

Petersen said the West Third Avenue site was a great location for many years. But with many clients moving to German Village and her desire for change, she said, she believed that the new location "felt comfortable, appropriate for where we're at."

"I think that's important because if I'm not enthusiastic about it, it's just business," she said.

Petersen herself will make a move to the area, taking up residence in the Brewery District.

In 2007, she opened a gallery in Taos, New Mexico, which closed in September.

"The economy was the deciding factor," she said. "Time was the other."

A Muse Gallery has been known for showcasing cutting-edge, mid-career contemporary artists.

"It's all original, one-of-a-kind pieces," Petersen said. "We don't do any print work or artists who have gone to print."

Hali Robinson, Petersen's daughter, will stay on as manager of Muse Gallery. She said the relocation is an important change for the gallery's image.

"I think the move to German Village will create a new buzz for us," Robinson said.

Karen Page, chair of the German Village Business Community, said she welcomes the new gallery.

"We're very excited about it," she said. "What's nice about it is they already have an established clientele in German Village. It's going to be nice to make them part of the business community, as well."