I believe that Kingsdale has made unbelievable improvements, and I am truly excited about what it now has to offer.

I believe that Kingsdale has made unbelievable improvements, and I am truly excited about what it now has to offer.

Just a short year ago, Kingsdale was rarely traveled to, but now there are exciting options for patrons to utilize. The Giant Eagle Market District, Burgers Dogs and Fries, Orange Leaf and Las Margaritas are a few new additions to Kingsdale. The Giant Eagle Market District especially has drawn new people to our community, and it is an exciting time for Upper Arlington.

As I drive by Kingsdale, I see new construction work being done every day, and I am getting even more curious about what else will be added.

At first when Kingsdale was being built, I was skeptical about what the changes might do to our community, especially since I thought that a recreation center would be a better choice.

But I was surprised with the outcome of Kingsdale, and I have found myself going to Kingsdale more often because of what it has to offer.

Kingsdale has not only improved, but it has helped improve Upper Arlington and bring us together.

In recent months, the Kingsdale Shopping Center has transformed into a new and busy gathering place for the community and has also attracted residents of surrounding cities as well. I am very pleased with the new Giant Eagle as well as the new shops like Burgers Dogs and Fries and the Orange Leaf.

However, I would have liked to see a rec center be built or even be considered for a different location. There was enough space for a fairly large one to be built where the mallway in the center of the parking lot is being built.

I feel that a rec center would ultimately bring the community even closer together since it could appeal to all age groups. Middle and high school students would be able to take part in pick-up games or even organized tournaments. Adults and senior citizens would be able to walk or run on an indoor track as well as exercise in a weight facility.

Other cities, like Dublin, have rec centers that encourage the community to take part in fitness and exercise and also attract members of surrounding communities. Upper Arlington could very easily create a rec center that would benefit the community as a whole and make an impact on everyone's future.

As winter sports are wrapping up, and spring sports are beginning to kick into high gear, all athletes should say thank you to the fans and parents who have supported the different teams throughout UA.

Upper Arlington sports would not be the same without the community and its long-standing tradition of involvement with the high school. Our boosters and community businesses have provided us with a state-of-the-art weight room, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities and highly trained staff ready to support us.

Also thanks to our fans who come out for our long and exciting events, you truly make a difference in the game. Thanks to our taxpayers who support our schools' levies, enabling us to have sports and many other luxuries not afforded to all schools.

I would be remiss not to include our appreciation for our wonderful teachers and coaches who give countless hours contributing to our success.

I am writing to share my thoughts on the topic of recycling, and why I think it should become a priority in people's lives.

My mass media class recently has been given the assignment of writing a letter to the editor about a topic or issue we find interesting. After researching, I found that recycling is something that can truly benefit society. Not only is recycling good for the environment, but it is also very easy to accomplish.

After reading an article titled "Recycling" by Frank Ackerman and Emily Monosson, I learned how far recycling has come throughout history. It has made great progress by helping "national security" and simply becoming an urban trend.

Recycling is a great and simple way to make a difference in the environment and reuse the materials you have.