Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington officials will get another chance to make a final pitch to Marble Cliff for a new three-year contract to provide services to the village.

The village council voted 5-0 Nov. 21 to set a deadline of 11 a.m. Dec. 5 for final proposals.

Council member Matt Cincione recused himself from voting because of a potential conflict, since he serves as a magistrate for Grandview.

Council decided to extend the request for proposal process after Grandview Heights presented a revised proposal Nov. 14.

The village had set a Nov. 10 deadline for a request for proposals for the service contract. Grandview and Upper Arlington responded.

Mayor Kent Studebaker presented an overview of those proposals at a Nov. 14 town hall meeting.

In the first set of proposals, Upper Arlington put forward a three-year contract that was $288,050 lower than the offer presented by Grandview.

Arlington’s proposal did not include sanitation services.

The village is considering allowing the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio to negotiate its sanitation contract. Three companies have submitted bids. If the village were to accept the $62,304 bid offered by Rumpke, which included a scope of sanitation services closest to that now provided by Grandview, and add it to the original Arlington proposal, the total of Arlington’s proposal for 2012 would be about $92,000 lower than Grandview.

Marble Cliff Mayor Kent Studebaker said Grandview’s revised proposal reduces the contract by about $30,000 each year from the city’s original offer.

That would bring the difference between Grandview and Arlington for 2012 to about $60,000, he said.

Since Grandview has presented another proposal, allowing the two communities to make one final proposal would be the fairest and most equable way to handle the situation, Studebaker said.

Grandview’s submission of a second revised proposal “threw us in a tizzy about how to address this,” village solicitor Mitch Banchefsky said.

Setting a new and final deadline for both communities to present a final proposal appears to be the best way to address the situation, he said.

Banchefsky told council two other options were possible.

The village could have considered that the process was indeed closed on Nov. 10 and accepted Arlington’s proposal and only the original offer made by Grandview, he said.

The village could also reject the entire request for proposal process and start over, Banchefsky said.

In allowing Grandview and Arlington to make one last proposal and setting a final deadline of Dec. 5, the village must make clear that “this time we mean it,” he said.

The communities’ submissions to the village’s request for proposal are not actual bids, Banchefsky said.

They serve as indications as to how Grandview and Arlington would meet the requirements set by the village and serve as parameters for a final negotiated contract, he said.

Council will schedule a special meeting in December to discuss the final proposals it receives, Studebaker said. The special meeting would be held ahead of the regular meeting scheduled for Dec. 19.

The current service contract with Grandview expires at the end of the year. The village hopes to decide on a new contract before then, he said.

Grandview has agreed to continue to provide services until a decision is reached if the process extends beyond the expiration of the current contract, Studebaker said.

Marble Cliff is paying Grandview $494,773 this year for services, including police and fire, parks and recreation and trash collection.