A dance studio on Upper Arlington's north side now has a place to call home.

A dance studio on Upper Arlington's north side now has a place to call home.

K Studio opened in the Kenny Centre Mall two years ago, renting a small space, but earlier this year the dance studio was able to cut the ribbon on a new facility at 1152 Kenny Centre Mall, owner Kelly Icenhour said.

"We were renting space in the same shopping center before we were able to do the build out where we are now," she said. "It's been an incredibly exciting experience. I think K Studio has always been my dream, and it's been an ongoing discussion with my family and friends, and I think I've been able to find it inside of myself, that I can do this."

K Studio offers classes seven days a week in several styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and musical theater, Icenhour said.

"Our focus is on kids age three to 18, but we also have a handful of adult classes throughout our season," she said. "We also have competitive dance classes, and our competitive team travels throughout the region to competitions and workshops - it really is their sport."

In addition to teaching many of the studio's classes, Icenhour choreographs the studio's competitive team and is the choreographer for the Westerville North High School show choir. An OSU grad, Icenhour said she's always felt a special connection with the Upper Arlington community.

"The majority of our students are Arlington school kids, and my dad and his family are from here," she said. "I went to Hilliard schools, but I've always felt connected to it here. I think that's what's most attractive for first time business owners and parents. The community is so special, and the involvement the residents have with their community has made so many of the activities become traditions."

While the competitive team just finished up their regular season - a tour that included competitions and performances in Indianapolis, Toledo, Pittsburgh and Columbus - other classes are gearing up for their spring recital, which will take place May 19 and 20 at Upper Arlington High School, Icenhour said.

"It's the exclamation point at the end of the season," she said. "That's when everything comes together for the students, their family and friends, in one really big show."

More information on K Studio can be found online at http://kstudiodance.com.