After identifying problems with two bridges several years ago, Upper Arlington will rebuild both the Glenrich Road and Bridgeview Road bridges this year.

After identifying problems with two bridges several years ago, Upper Arlington will rebuild both the Glenrich Road and Bridgeview Road bridges this year.

Construction schedules have yet to be established.

Both spans serve as residential connectors and although the deficiencies weren't deemed "critical," an annual inspection in 2013 found that each was "no longer functioning as designed."

Since that time, annual inspections confirmed the bridges could continue to handle vehicle traffic, but design work conducted by PRIME AE Group Inc. determined both should be replaced.

Upper Arlington City Council voted unanimously March 14 to hire Shelly & Sands Inc. to complete the work for $326,022.

That figure is more than the $180,000 the city estimated the projects would cost in 2014, but it's less than the $445,948 bid the city received for the work last year.

"Bids have been coming in higher than estimated on bridge projects and we break down the bids to see where they differ from the design engineer's estimate," said Carla Marseilles, Upper Arlington's assistant city engineer. "The design engineer's estimate can be lower or higher, based on other projects they've worked on to reflect current construction bids.

"Additionally, two water lines had to be relocated because of requirements from the Columbus Department of Water. This was not accounted for in the initial estimate."

Marseilles said public feedback indicated residents wanted to maintain the aesthetics of the current bridges, which affected costs.

"This is more expensive than a plain concrete finish, but the city required the cobblestone facade and chain links on top on the plans," she said. "The bridges will be rebuilt very similar to their existing look.

"One change that will be noticeable on the Glenrich Road bridge. Right now, the headwalls are offset because the stream runs under the road at an angle. In the new design, the headwalls will be directly across from one another and the stream will run perpendicular under the road like it does at Bridgeview."

Additional details about the construction schedule are expected after a preconstruction meeting with the contractor, but Marseilles noted work likely wouldn't start this spring due to the potential for rain and higher stream conditions.

Both bridges span Edington Creek.

Once work starts, local traffic is expected to be rerouted, with residents using Oakridge Road to access their homes when Bridgeview is closed, and Zollinger and Dorchester roads providing access to homes when Glenrich is closed.

"There will be signs to help drivers get around," Marseilles said.

City Council President Debbie Johnson said she supported moving forward with the projects as part of the city's ongoing commitment to address infrastructure after approximately $3.5 million in new annual revenue was created through the passage of an income tax increase in November 2014.

"We have a lot of deferred maintenance in Upper Arlington," Johnson said. "(Issue 23) put a stable revenue source in the budget to be able to pay for those infrastructure projects.

"These were projects that needed attention and we tried to get it done last year, but the price didn't come back right. We held off a year to get a better price."