The Upper Arlington High School cafeteria was transformed Friday night, March 11, into a scene straight out of the 1960s.

The Upper Arlington High School cafeteria was transformed Friday night, March 11, into a scene straight out of the 1960s.

The school hosted the Tri-Village Lions Club's Senior Prom, an event that offered area residents a chance to relive their original prom night from that long-ago decade.

While the Professors performed classic Motown, British Invasion and pop tunes, guests could enjoy refreshments that included such '60s staples as White Castle sliders and Twinkies.

Tables were adorned with vintage treats including Dubble Bubble gum, Tootsie Rolls and Pixy Stix.

Guests could even have their prom pictures taken by the Tri-Village Studio.

"Having graduated from high school in 1967, this is my era, too," said Lions Club member Jane Jarrow, who helped organize the prom.

In the weeks leading up to the event, Jarrow researched the 1960s for a daily trivia question posted on the Lions' prom Facebook page and for features included in the prom program.

"It just brought back a lot of memories from that time," she said. "The music, especially, is what really resonates."

It was a different time in a lot of ways, Jarrow said.

"I discovered the 1961 OSU football team won the national championship and was undefeated, but didn't play in the Rose Bowl," she said. "The reason they didn't is that the faculty strongly believed that during the height of the Cold War, there was too much attention being paid to football and that OSU should be known for its academics more than sports.

"There's no way that could happen today," Jarrow said.

Dublin residents Carole and Sam Bates said attending the senior prom brought back memories of their own proms more than 50 years ago.

"I think the prom was a much simpler event back then," Sam Bates said. "We didn't go to the prom in limousines like so many of the kids do today."

"We'd get all dressed up for the prom, the girls in their dresses and the boys in tuxedos," Carole Bates said.

"It's fun to go back in time and remember all the good times you had in high school," said Upper Arlington resident John Dilley.

"I told Jane, it's a good thing this senior prom ends at 9:30 p.m., because I don't think most of us could make it much past then," he said. "That was a lot different when we were in high school, when we'd stay out until the sun was coming up."

Dilley was named the senior prom king and Sandi Harrison the prom queen -- in a drawing, rather than a vote this time.

Harrison attended the prom with her husband, Zack.

The Lions Club has been conducting a fundraising drive to benefit Cure JM, an organization seeking a cure for juvenile myositis.

The Harrisons' 4-year-old daughter, Sydney, was diagnosed last summer with JM, the collective name for a group of rare, life-threatening autoimmune diseases.

The Hilliard couple was on hand to accept donations toward the cause.

"We've raised $48,000 of the $50,000 goal the Lions set, so we're getting really close," Zach Harrison said.

Sydney has been responding well to treatments at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Sandi Harrison said.

"It's been going so well that they've reduced the frequency of the treatments," she said. "It's still a tough battle, but Sydney is doing well."

Unfortunately, the prom was not as well-attended as the Lions Club had hoped.

"We were hoping for a lot more people to attend, but the concept works," Jarrow said. "We were pleased at how the everything looked, tasted and sounded. Those who attended had a really great time."

The concept may be tweaked in the future, she said, with the possibility of a new location, different night and perhaps a cash bar.