The Westland Area Commission unanimously voted in a slate of officers to serve the next two years.

The Westland Area Commission unanimously voted in a slate of officers to serve the next two years.

The action occurred at the commission meeting on June 18 at Doctors West Hospital. Chair will once again be Mike McKay. Vice chair is Bill Steimer, the recorder is Doug Moshier and the treasurer will be Jamie Mueller.

"We do have open positions," McKay said. "I would like to get folks to serve who live in the southern portion of the district."

The commission currently has 15 members and is allowed up to 21, McKay said.

The debate about whether to change the venue of voting from Doctors Hospital West to another location was brought up once again at the meeting.

"I think we need to go to the people," member Doug Moshier said.

Moshier said there has to be a better way to drum up interest in the commission. He said that perhaps taking meetings on the road within the borders of the Westland Area is the answer.

"Maybe we can use the community room at Central Crossing High School once or twice a year or a local church," Moshier said.

The debate is far from over. Commission members said they are willing to change the by-laws of the group in order to gain more participation from the public.

In other business, commission member Jamie Mueller announced the second annual Lincoln Lodge 2008 Citizenship Award. The award went to Prairie Lincoln Elementary student Kelsi Born, who will have the opportunity to spend a week at Marmon Valley Farms in August.

Mueller said Born exemplified every attribute that is desirable for a model citizen. Born even helped him campaign for Prairie Township Trustee this past fall, he said.

"We shape the future by the way we raise our children," Mueller said.

Born, who shares Mueller's passion for horses, will be able to learn more about them through her camp experience at Marmon Valley Farms.

"I'm excited to have some fun and bring my horse Snickers," she said. "I want to learn a little bit more about riding."

The next commission meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at OhioHealth Doctors West Hospital on July 16.