For the second time this month, Prairie Township trustees approved the creation of another lighting district.

For the second time this month, Prairie Township trustees approved the creation of another lighting district.

Trustees heard testimony both for and against establishing a lighting district in Westpoint Two Subdivision Sections 3, 4 and 5 at its Nov. 19 board meeting. After only one resident spoke in favor and one against, trustees were unanimous in approving the district.

"We do have a petition that shows the majority of the neighborhood wants the lights," trustee Nicole Schlosser said. "I know some individuals don't want the lights, but as trustee I will go with the majority."

Those in favor of the lighting district said the new lighting will enhance the neighborhood while deterring criminal activity. Those who oppose it told trustees there is no conclusive evidence that lights make communities safer and the lights are apt to fall into disrepair.

Fiscal officer Dan McCardle said there are 202 lots as a part of the latest lighting petition and the cost each homeowner will be about $5 a month. That amount will be assessed to their property tax every six months for 60 months, he said.

"I feel very confident the cost will be between $5 and $6 per month," he said. "AEP (American Electric Power) will be responsible for any maintenance."

McCardle said he encourages township residents to notify the office if there is a light out in their neighborhood or a post needs service. The township road department also works closely with AEP in order to maintain the lights.

"This is our fourth lighting district," trustee Steve Kennedy said. "From a safety standpoint they are needed. We only heard from one person who did not want the lights. It's 129 to one. The majority is going to rule in my book."

In other business, trustees approved the fire department's request to purchase a Chevy Tahoe four-wheel-drive vehicle with a towing package at a cost of $31,739. It also approved an additional $3,500 that will allow for the installation of the necessary radio equipment.

Fire Chief Steve Feustel said the new vehicle will replace the current assistant chief's vehicle. Money for the purchase had already been appropriated within the budget, he said.

The fire department also accepted a check for $12,000 from the Ohio Shriners to cover the cost of RAD 57 monitors. A representative of the Ohio Shriners was on hand to present the check at the meeting. Feustel said the handheld monitors allow medics to test patients noninvasively for exposure to carbon monoxide. The monitors will be an asset to the department, he said.