Halls will be decked in five homes and two community spaces for Grove City's annual Christmas Home Tour from 3-8 p.m. Dec. 5.

The homes of Clifton and Renita Dean, Ray Lemasters and Teresa Fulks, Steve and Sheryl Haughn, Craig and Paula Oiler, and Dan and Sharon Reichard, as well as the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum, and the schoolhouse and log-built house at Century Village, will be decorated for the Christmas tour.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at any of the participating locations on the tour or at the Sommer House Gallery, 4038 Broadway. All proceeds will benefit the Grove City Food Pantry and Emergency Services. Maps of the tour will be included with tickets.

Brenda Hritz, the organizer of the event since 2001, said about 200 people made the rounds of the tour last year, bringing in about $2,100 for the food pantry.

Some have decorated their houses; others said they are waiting for extra help that comes with a Thanksgiving celebration.

"If you're eating leftovers at our house, you're hanging ornaments on the tree," said Paula Oiler. "We decorate every room."

Oiler said she and her husband purchased their home about five years ago. The main reason the two fell in love with the house came from its "unique floor plan," Oiler said.

"We knew it would be wonderful to decorate for the holidays," she added.

She said the highlight of her decorative plan is a 15-foot tree that will stand in the foyer.

Sharon Reichard said her decorations will portray a traditional and cheerful sentiment.

She said the centerpiece of the decoration, of course, will be the Christmas tree, which will be decorated by some of the 21 grandchildren in the Reichard family.

Reichard said she also will lay out her finest china. The pattern on the china is a replica of a pattern designed for Nancy Reagan to be used in the White House during President Ronald Reagan's term in office.

"That will be very elegant," Reichard added.

Renita Dean estimated she has at least 22 decorated Christmas trees of varying sizes in her house. Almost every room in her house is decorated.

She said her theme is childhood memories.

"When I think about Christmas, for me, it's childhood memories," she said. "My rooms are based on memories."

She said her house has been decorated for about six weeks now.

Sheryl Haughn said she joined the tour because she decorates her house for the holidays whether or not her house is part of a tour.

"It's about Christmas and being at home," she said. "It's just a time to share."

Her house will be decorated with the old and new, she said. The old decorations will be her dad's cherished Army trunk and her mom's handmade Christmas ornaments. The new decorations will be seen in the room of her granddaughter, a senior at Grove City High School, who will decorate her space with hot pink colors accented by a lime green tree.

Haughn's home also will have a replica of David Maple's newest mural, which was unveiled at the Arts in the Alley event late September. The mural sits on the north side of the building at 4057 Broadway.

The map of the tour will be available at www.grovecityohio.gov.