Prairie Township shot down the possibility of a used-car business setting up shop on West Broad Street.

Prairie Township shot down the possibility of a used-car business setting up shop on West Broad Street.

In a special meeting Dec. 15, trustees unanimously turned down a modification request to an existing exceptional-use zoning at 48751/2 W. Broad St. The previous business had been an Avis Car Rental.

Trustees unanimously voted down the modification request based on complaints of similar used car businesses in the same neighborhood.

"Even though there are no residents here tonight, we have heard from residents with good concerns," trustee Steve Kennedy said.

Kennedy said complaints from neighbors about other used-car dealers in the area included loud music and the maintenance of automobiles at all hours of the night. Currently, the property is zoned only to have cars parked on the lot, not to have cars serviced, he said.

Michael Romanov, who wants to establish the used-car business, told the board that noise would not be an issue. The business would only be open weekdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It would be closed on Sundays. The only maintenance work on the vehicles would include tire and fluid changes, he said.

"It is not necessary to have the mechanical stuff included," Romanov said. "We thought it would be more convenient for us to put fluids in the car and change the tires, rather than sending it to a mechanic."

Kennedy said for Romanov to perform the mechanics, Romanov would have to get the zoning changed. A modification would not be acceptable, he said.

Trustee Doug Stormont agreed.

"I believe due to prior complaints, this needs to be rezoned," Stormont said.

When put to a vote, trustees let the motion for the proposed modification die. Trustees then made another motion and unanimously passed that the proposed modification request require a zoning amendment.

Zoning inspector Connie Swisher said for that to occur, Romanov would have to first apply to Franklin County, then to the township zoning board, followed by the trustees. It would be a long process, she said.