Steps were taken this week to begin the process of revamping a Westland area park owned by the city of Columbus.

Steps were taken this week to begin the process of revamping a Westland area park owned by the city of Columbus.

More than 20 residents attended the Westland Area Commission meeting March 21 to discuss the recent activities and condition associated with Greene Countrie Park. The park is located south of Sullivant, north of Hall Road and west of Norton Road.

"We have a lot of unhappy people," resident Diana Good said. "My property backs up the to park. All ages go there."

Good said she is the head of her neighborhood block watch and she and other residents are concerned about the recent vandalism that has taken place at the park. Teenagers are using the shelter house as a place to drink and use drugs, she said, adding that they are dumping lawn chairs and shopping carts into the creek that runs through the park.

Kathy Spatz from the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department listened to complaints and offered residents the opportunity to get involved in the reconstruction of the park. Spatz said she wants to work directly with the commission and residents to create a park that would attract all ages while deterring crime.

"I think we need to start with making a list and then decide what makes sense and what is feasible," Spatz said.

Residents agreed with Spatz when she suggested that the city begin with the reconstruction of the playground. Residents were not notified by the city when the parks playground equipment was going to be removed.

"We could have communicated more effectively," Spatz said, "and I apologize."

She said if the community can decide on a playground design in the $40,000 price range, it can be constructed in a matter of a few months.

"The sooner we get a design, the soon we can get it installed," Spatz said. "I wanted to focus on conversation today."

Commission members and Spatz agreed that the next step will be to get feedback from residents on what they would like to see at the park and keep that communication going. Meetings in order to accomplish this task will be announced later, they said.

In the meantime, anyone wanting to share their concerns or suggestions about the park can email Spatz at