Prairie Township Trustee Steve Kennedy said the hallmark of his two terms in office has been fiscal responsibility.

Prairie Township Trustee Steve Kennedy said the hallmark of his two terms in office has been fiscal responsibility.

Kennedy and fellow incumbent Ron Ball are seeking re-election Nov. 5 to two seats on the township board of trustees. They are being challenged by newcomer Andy Andrews II.

Kennedy, 58, is a graduate of Westland High School and owner of Steve's Country Drive-Thru. He has served as a trustee for the past eight years.

"I am driven by the belief that government needs to live within its means," he said in explaining why he wants to serve a third term. "I take pride in the fact that I have an eight-year track record of applying a fiscally responsible approach to running government. Decisions are based on residents' input and common sense."

When asked about accomplishments over the past four years, Kennedy's list includes increasing the Franklin County Sheriff's Office contract with the township from 19 to 35 dedicated shifts; attaining financing for a $10-million community center project; receiving a AA rating from Standard & Poor's; completing $4.3 million worth of road improvement projects; purchasing 110 acres for ball fields and a park along Galloway Road; demolishing the Hometown Inn; increasing township services by establishing a new leaf and chipping program; and upgrading township parks by adding walking paths.

The last four years haven't gone by without challenges, Kennedy said.

"The biggest challenge this term has been dealing with the declining revenue from the Local Government Fund," he said. "The current board has not only been able to keep all the current township services that our residents have become accustomed to, but we have been able to expand services."

If elected for a third term, Kennedy said there are a few major projects he wants to help oversee.

The first is breaking ground for the new community center and the second is the revamping of the West Broad Street corridor and finally, the creation of ball fields and the development of a township park.

"These are just three projects that will be underway the first part of the next term," Kennedy said. "I believe these projects need a strong leader to see them to the finish. I am the best candidate to see these projects through."

Ball and Andrews will be profiled in future editions of ThisWeek West Side News.