Not much worked right last year for the Westerville North High School football team, which finished 2-8 overall.

Not much worked right last year for the Westerville North High School football team, which finished 2-8 overall.

But one game where things did work out for the Warriors was the opener against New Albany, as North won 34-17 while holding the Eagles to 37 total yards.

Although the Warriors will look completely different, New Albany coach Mark Mueller has been able to point to last year's game as motivation for Friday's contest at North.

"It is definitely something that has been on our tongues this offseason," said Mueller, whose team finished 6-4 last year. "We win that game and one of those two three-point losses (a 17-14 loss to Big Walnut or a 24-21 loss to Delaware last year) and we feel we're in the playoffs."

The Eagles made four turnovers in the second half and also failed to stop the Warriors' running game, as 2009 graduate Justin Brewton rushed for 139 yards and three touchdowns.

First-year North coach Mike Owens, who was the offensive coordinator at Hilliard Darby last year, has switched the offense from a power-running attack to a spread attack.

"I've always been a run guy anyway," Owens said. "We're not just going to slam it in there. We're going to spread it out and really take what they give us."

The Warriors will regularly employ four wide receivers with Matt Schaublin at quarterback. Schaublin split time at quarterback and safety last season before being injured and missing the final seven games.

Kenny Macauley, Bobby Matlock and Kalen King will man three of the receiver spots and the running backs will be Drew Hall and Randy Price, who stood out to Mueller on film.

"They have two athletes back there who can run," Mueller said. "I think you have to match their speed with your speed."

The Eagles also like to be physical with their 3-5 defense. End Harrison Scott (6-foot-3, 260) will anchor the line and be joined by Sam Choi, who returns at nose guard, and Tyler Evans. Scott said the line, which will play in rotations, could be the strength of the defense because of its experience.

The Eagles will use slants and stunts to try to tie up the offensive linemen and keep them off the linebackers, who will be led by Sylvester Hagan in the middle.

Playing offensive line for the Warriors will be tackles Andrew Ziegler and Austin Weiganz and guards Mitch Cousins and Zach Yontz. Kyle Bey is the center.

Scott also could be a factor at tight end in New Albany's wing-T offense. The Eagles have an experienced quarterback in Joe Morlan, who split time during the opener last year but became the full-time starter. Also returning to the offense are fullback Ben Imlay and receiver Chandler Tunney.

New Albany's offensive line will feature Choi and Evans, Shawn Smith and Ty Wootton.

"(Scott) stood out on film," Owens said. "He's an athletic kid, but we're going to treat them all like they're Division I kids."

Defensively, North has switched from a 4-3 to a 3-5 alignment to help a line that lacks size and depth. The Warriors will have several two-way players as Owens attempts to get the best athletes on the field.

Rotating on the line will be Bey, Cousins, Anthony Gobel, Anthony Woods and Yontz. Linebackers are Hall, Trent Curran, Christian Lucas, Denerol Mizell and Ziegler. King, Matlock and Macauley are in the secondary.

"We're going to need to be extremely sound up front," Owens said. "We need to get better at tackling. With (New Albany's) style of play, what we want to be is good tacklers."