Genoa Township has donated recently discovered antiques to the Big Walnut Historical Society.

Genoa Township has donated recently discovered antiques to the Big Walnut Historical Society.

The donations were left in a shed located on a new piece of property acquired by the township last year to expand McNamara Park, township administrator Paul Wise said in an e-mail.

The items include a food and water station, platform scales, a gas can and kitchen cabinets.

The food and water station was previously used for feeding livestock, Wise said.

"It has a feeding trough with a series of spaced deflector members extending substantially the entire depth of the trough," he said. "The upper edge of the trough has a rounded section to prevent livestock from gripping with their teeth. The station can be ground mounted or attached to a stall," he said.

A platform scale is "a weighing machine with a platform for holding whatever is to be weighed," Wise said. The shed is the size of a two-car garage and not in good condition.

"The previous owner, Ron Hartman, wanted the items in the shed, but later called and recommended the township donate them to the historical society. There were no other items of value in the shed," he said.

The shed is expected to be removed from the property, he said.

Polly Horn, director of the historical society, said she was grateful for the donation.

"We're pleased that they thought of us, other than taking them to a landfill or something. That would have been terrible," she said.

The antiques will help give the historical society a more "rounded collection from the area," she said.

Horn said she will make final decisions on where to place the items when they arrive.

The items likely will be delivered next week, Wise said.

Genoa trustee Karl Gebhardt said, "I think it's great. Any time we can preserve local history and the artifacts that are representative of our past. I appreciate the historical society being willing to do that."

The artifacts are important, Gebhardt said, so local children will have "a better understanding of what life was like in their grandparents' and great-grandparents' age."